Sinema Scotus


Sinema is saving America

Regarding the Oct. 6 letter to the editor from Lois Berkowitz (“What Does Sinema Support?): The only thing we need to know right now is that Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are saving America from the radical, Democratic left. They are the only sane minds in the Democratic Party right now.  If only for this, Sen. Sinema deserves our support right now

Regarding the Oct. 6 letter to the editor from Don Cox (“Transparency?): Your guys lost the last election. Get over it. Another election will be coming soon enough.

-Jim Richardson, Oro Valley


What’s the Agenda?

Regarding Diane Peters’ letter to the editor “False Accusation” (Oct. 20): You gotta love it! Diane is back.

The fact that Mayor Joe Winfield penned an Explorer article (July 31) does not establish  the fact the residents of  the Town of Oro Valley knew about the $34 million debt the town is about to incur. In fact, you stated the Mayor said “planning.” Planning and doing are two entirely different words. Both Winfield and Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett said they were planning to be the most transparent town council in Oro Valley history. That plan has never come to fruition. My asking 50-100 town residents if they knew anything about it, combined with the large response I received on Next Door when I posted the ‘notice,’ lends credence to my published claim. 

I did inquire about the agenda posting the day it was published online. I also wrote an e-mail to the town manager inquiring about the lack of clarity about the agenda. I knew the notice was written by an attorney. Who else writes like that? I never said that Winfield and Barrett authored the notice

I also know that the Mayor and Vice Mayor are responsible for what goes on the agenda. I also know that the buck stops at their feet. So would it have been asking too much for them to place the following information immediately before or after the legal posting: (RE: $34 Million Parks and Rec Bonds); 30 letters/symbols. That would have passed the transparency sniff test. 

- Don Cox

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