The Imagine Greater Tucson survey needs the voice of the region’s business community to help choose how our region grows.

The survey, available online at, is open through Feb. 29.

This is your chance to have a say in what is important to you, such as easy access to public transportation, less travel time, a vibrant downtown, or cost-efficient infrastructure and public facilities.

You also can indicate your preference for placement of new offices and businesses, as well as your preference for levels of density as the region builds out over the coming decades.

The survey, which compares our region’s future scenario based on current trends with three alternatives, will help guide Imagine Greater Tucson on developing a hybrid scenario to address such things as future land use, transportation infrastructure and conservation.

You may ask why this is important now in light of our current economic conditions. The current conditions, in fact, emphasize why addressing this now is more important than ever.

As the economy builds, regardless of its pace, we have a chance to shape it. We live in a great region, but within that region we must not be blind to the issues we face, such as a lack of funding for needed transportation infrastructure, a lack of funding for landscape improvements on some of our key corridors, and roadblocks to improving infill development or better land use planning.

The Imagine Greater Tucson regional visioning process does not stop after the presentation of the hybrid scenario.  In fact, the visioning process then moves into its implementation phase.

So it is crucial that you lend your voice in this portion of the visioning process. Your voice can go a long way toward shaping the recommendations that IGT will ask local jurisdictions to consider and incorporate into their respective general or comprehensive plans.

Imagine Greater Tucson is built on the things we all value. I hope you join in on helping to build a stronger foundation for our region’s future to create the community we want.

As a sitting member of the Oro Valley Town Council, I have been involved since the beginning of IGT, and I’ve seen existing trends and the interests of others in our region in conflict with what we value. This visionary process of sorting through options for our future and how they compare to our values will help lead us to a vision. That vision will help guide our community and regional leaders to make well-informed decisions to ensure well-managed growth for the Greater Tucson Region.

Your input is vital and I strongly urge you to participate in the next phase of this most valuable project and give voice to our future growth, integrity of the environment and contribution to Arizona’s economic stability.

Lou Waters,

Vice Mayor, Town of Oro Valley

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