Disagrees with Sen. Melvin

Sen. Al Melvin’s statement (Explorer, 5/30/12) that the 2012 session of the Arizona legislature was a major success by any measure is wrong by several measures. Melvin frittered away time and taxpayer money sponsoring legislation that was dangerous, fiscally irresponsible and, well, just plain wacky.

Dave Safier mentioned some in his column. Here are some more. Melvin sponsored legislation “demanding” that the U.S. government give Arizona almost all federal land in the state, for free (SB1332). Gov. Brewer vetoed this crackbrained legislation, citing its dubious constitutionality and potential for saddling Arizonans with the cost of overseeing millions of acres of public land. Melvin sponsored legislation to create an Arizona Federal Law Advisory Council, a team of taxpayer funded, high-priced lawyers, to advise the Melvins, which federal laws are unconstitutional (SB1333), and another bill that would allow the legislature to nullify federal laws whenever it would choose (SB1358). Preposterous! President Andrew Jackson quelled the Nullification Crisis in the 1830s, but it took the Civil War to lay the unconstitutional notion to rest, until now. Melvin sponsored a memorial to Congress encouraging the U.S. government to make Arizona the nation’s nuclear waste dump site (SCM1004). Please consider endorsing Jo Holt for Arizona State Senate in LD 11 this election cycle. See: holt4senate.com. It’s time that serious-minded, responsible grown-ups were back in charge.

Grant Winston,


Clarification on story needed

Thanks for writing about the financial participation agreement between the Town of Oro Valley and the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. I would like to clarify one condition in your report. You paraphrased both Councilman Gillaspie and myself in saying the Chamber agrees it will “remain uninvolved in the town’s political affairs,” or “will not partake in Oro Valley’s political affairs.”

 That’s not accurate. The proposed agreement reads the Chamber “will refrain from engaging in political activity relating to Town of Oro Valley elections, including but not limited to endorsing any candidate for Mayor or Council member of the Town of Oro Valley.”

We have agreed not to endorse candidates for election during the one-year period July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013. Our Chamber very much intends to be involved in other town “political affairs,” monitoring council and staff activities related to business, and commenting on pertinent issues of the day as deemed appropriate by our board of directors.

There are many important subjects beyond elections that impact the business community, and we plan to participate in those discussions.

I appreciate the opportunity to clarify. Thank you.

Dave Perry,

CEO, Greater Oro Valley

Chamber of Commerce

Clean up Steam Pump Village

A few days ago as my wife and I were driving south on Oracle Road, we started to pass the old Steam Pump Village and we both commented how the City of Oro Valley has really cleaned the acreage up and in general is so improved over what it looked like a few years ago.  That is right before we drove by the very old original building at the south end that has a shredded tattered blue tarp hanging all over it.  We suspect the tarp was originally put in place to protect the structure, but that purpose is long over.  Perhaps the City might consider sending out a maintenance crew to spend a few minutes tearing down what is left of the tarp, as it is an eyesore.  Just a suggestion.

Dave Cristofani,

Oro Valley

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