Letters to Editor

Grateful for Lyon, Atchue

I am so grateful that Retired Colonel Holly Lyon and Ralph Atchue are running for the Arizona legislature.  Their common-sense approach and just the positivity they project gives me some hope!  

And I am so tired about hearing that Leach, Finchem and Smith are pulling shenanigans to sue the city of Tucson to force our police to put guns back on the streets and other complete nonsense.  We don’t need that kind of attack on our police department, thank you very much.

Holly and Ralph are humble, down to earth but also sharp and hard working!  They have ideas on how to fix problems but will also listen to anyone’s concerns.  Meet them for yourself and see what you think!

—Golda Velez, Tucson



Represent me

I recently attended a forum for candidates aspiring to represent me in the Arizona legislature. Identical questions were asked of Ralph Attchue and Vince Leach (Senate candidates) and Hollace Lyon and Brett Roberts (Legislature candidates). While Attchue and Lyon were direct in their answers, Leach and Roberts proved to be masters of equivocation. For example: Will you support renewed efforts to pass an Equal Rights Amendment? Attchue and Lyon: “Yes!” Leach and Roberts both stated they couldn’t commit to support legislation they hadn’t seen.

Afterwards, I spoke with Mr. Leach. Identifying myself as his constituent, I said I found his response disingenuous, and that I believed he understood exactly what he was being asked. He said that if new legislation was presented, he would read and consider it—then suggested that I go round up 38 other states to support it. I then noted that I consider it unfair that Arizonans can substitute contributions to private school scholarships for taxes owed, but not contributions to public schools. I asked for his help. He suggested I write a piece of legislation and submit it. Huh? Isn’t that his job?

I believe I will vote for representatives who will actually represent me.

—Leslie Platt, Oro Valley



I’m with Martha

Kyrsten Sinema is a gorgeous woman. She takes her good looks, visits the VA, sidles up to the lonely and addled old men down there, and with her good looks and feminine guile pretends to care about veterans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sinema is an antimilitary traitor who is on record as not caring if Americans join Isis and kill American soldiers. 

Martha McSally is a real combat veteran and a great patriot who knows what the VA needs. She supports the VA. She needs our votes to be our next senator from Arizona. The political gold digger Kyrsten Sinema who shamelessly pretends to care about our veterans needs to be kept out of the Senate.

—Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley

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