Clyde Steele

Lock her up, lock her up,” over and over again the crowd at the Republican convention chanted. Watching all this, someone who is not familiar with the matter might have concluded that former Secretary Clinton must surely have committed the crime of the century. What brought this on? Was it the four lives that were lost at Benghazi? Or was it Secretary Clinton’s nefarious e-mails? 

Let’s look at the loss of four lives at Benghazi first. Losing just one American life at Benghazi was tragic. This in itself couldn’t be the main reason for “lock her up.” After all there have been a number of instances where many more Americans have lost their lives and with far more serious breaches of security. In Oct. 23, 1983, 241 marines, sailors, and soldiers lost their lives in Beirut, Lebanon from two suicide truck bombs. Just six month before 17 Americans lost their lives in a bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.  With the marine barracks bombing, the U.S. marines suffered their largest single day loss since the battle of Iwo Jima. Yet the Beirut bombing never became the political issue that Benghazi has. Of course one can’t ignore the elephant in the room called Iraq. As of 2014, 4,491 American service members lost their lives looking for weapons of “Mass Deception”.  It seems that total of 4,749 American lives lost hasn’t warranted much fuss.  It’s really hard to understand why 4749 is a harder number to remember then 4.  One good thing for Secretary Clinton. After the fall of Gaddafi in Libya and before Benghazi, to her credit she didn’t hang a banner on the State Department saying “Mission Accomplished.” 

Then this past week General Petraeus was mentioned as possible candidate for Secretary of State. Talk about not remembering history: This is the same General, (and former CIA director) who pled guilty to a misdemeanor under Title 18 U. S. Code, mishandling classified information, while having an extramarital affair, and lying to FBI & CIA investigators about his affair. He denied that he gave classified information to his mistress. Upon pleading guilty, he was sentenced to two years probation, and fined $100,000 dollars.   Even FBI director Comey has drawn a distinction between Petraeus case and Secretary Clinton. Comey said there was no evidence Secretary Clinton or her aides intended to break the law though there was carless handling of sensitive information, whereas Petraeus knew the binders he shared with his mistress contained classified information. I wonder if this happens to be a case of a double standard?

But is seems President-Elect Trump has had a change of heart about “Lock her up” when he said that Secretary Clinton has “suffered enough” and doesn’t want to hurt her.  But his adviser Kellyanne Conway hinted that his “magnanimous” attitude is contingent on Clinton not saying anything that might anger him. 

I wonder just how long this Benghazi investigation goes on before it’s finally decided that she did nothing wrong. Just as in the Whitewater investigation.  That lasted over 5 years.

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Why is this guy given so much space in the paper almost every week for expressing his ultra-biased liberal opinion?
If we wanted more of that we could simply turn on the mainstream media news.
If you believe this type of content is resonating with readers you might want to drive through a some communities where your paper is delivered each week and see them laying on the driveways until the next garbage pickup day.

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