When we think of the Old West, we think of gun slinging not mudslinging. Hiremath and his posse continue to sling mud at Mike Zinkin. This recall is nothing more than mudslinging and an attempt to create a smokescreen on the upcoming election and is tarnishing a good man's name. Hiremath, Snider, Hornat and Waters should be ashamed of themselves bringing big government politics to Oro Valley.

Mike and the majority of us agree the OVPD is one of the finest in the country. He supports Chief Sharp and the officers, but questions the spending of our tax dollars. The Yarnell Fire was a horrific tragedy, but for the OVPD to send four motorcycles and a van with a trailer is a bit excessive. This is why Mike asked about the expenditures and nothing more - period. He is not a heartless man that some of our council and a few citizens make him out to be.

The majority of this town supports Mike Zinkin. He is doing a fine job watching over the taxpayer's money, and is providing a voice for the community. This is why we voted for him.

Mayor Hiremath’s statement from December "Anyone who comes to the defense of Mike Zinkin ought to consider their own judgment and sensibilities" is insane. You make the folks of this town look pretty dumb, but we're smarter than you think. So maybe we should use "judgment" on our next elected mayor.

Colin Fitzpatrick

Oro Valley

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John Flanagan

Yes....there are two sides to this issue, and the mudslinging and road signs are over the top, tasteless, and immature.


John.....The signs simply express an opinion and direct people to a web site to get the facts.

I suppose you had the same thoughts about the road signs when Zinkin was footing the bill for a recall of Mary Snider?????


There is definitely no mudslinging in this recall. Facts are facts. There is no evidence that the majority of this town supports Zinkin. When Zinkin was elected to the Town Council in 2012, he garnered fewer votes than incumbent Garner and newcomer Burns. I am offended that in terms of the Yarnell fire, Zinkin asked how the expenditure of funds by the OVPD enhanced the safety of Oro Valley. Really? Since when does a good community like Oro Valley live on an island by itself unwilling to assist another community during the time of a terrible tragedy. Tell the families of the fallen firefighters who were escorted by OVPD officers to their respective funeral homes that this expense was "a bit excessive." More than a few citizens think Zinkin's questions are heartless. Zinkin is far from a voice that I want representing me in this community. Part of the problem is his voice...just read the public records that document numerous inappropriate comments. There are never two sides to the use of inappropriate language.

Those are the facts that can not be disputed.


There definitely is no need for a smokescreen. Zinkin has tarnished his own name; just read the public records. I definitely don't support Zinkin and I don't see any evidence to support the claim that the majority of town supports him.


Colin....You have every right to your opinion, but I respectfully disagree. If you believe that sending a very small contingent of officers to Prescott for one day to escort the bodies of dead firefighters is "a bit over the top", then we have little to discuss. Maybe to fit within your acceptable scope of response we should have just sent one of those free e-mail service sympathy cards and let it go at that.

Your description of "mudslinging" is Councilman Zinkin refering to multiple female town staff personned as "sluts" Maybe to think it is OK for Zinkin to invite a female staff member to "ride my ass" is a proper comment by a Town Council member. I doubt most Oro Valley residents would agree with you.

Denigrating Mexicans must also fall into your idea of "mudslinging".

But if you do feel all of the above is OK them Zinkin is the man for you.

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