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Ally Miller, Republican

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Thelma Grimes’ recent editorial (Oct. 10 edition) “Thoughts on Candidates” deserves a response. Apparently Thelma does not like my debating style or the questions that I ask of my opponent. Rather than tell you I believe Thelma is biased I would ask you to listen to the Buckmaster debate she refers to? Then you can decide if I’m “hulk angry” or simply a passionate debater asking the tough questions.  The podcast of the debate is posted on the Bill Buckmaster website at,  

Regarding Mrs. Grimes’ reference to the campaign finance violation filed by my opponents, I received the complaint Oct. 6 from the secretary of state and the allegations are baseless.  It is a common political smear tactic to file complaints of this type to cast aspersions over your opponent.  I welcome the investigation.  

My goal is to represent the people of District 1 to provide the leadership we need to provide prosperity and opportunity for our citizens.  I will continue to promote a vision of fiscal responsibility for Pima County which is Arizona’s most indebted county.  Our county leadership has been dominated by one party for years.  What are the results?  The U.S. Census bureau reports greater than 20 percent poverty rate, we see boarded up store fronts and a dismal 800 jobs created in the last two years.  We have more debt than all the other counties in the state combined and excessive property taxes. 

It is unfortunate the editor of this publication chooses to focus on a small subset of my remarks in this campaign.  These remarks correctly reflect the liberal voting history of my opponent.  However, this is what I have come to expect from those who so blindly support the status quo.

Yes, I am passionate in my beliefs. I tell the truth as I see it and I have a track record of advocating for sound fiscal policies. This scares those who simply want the status quo to continue.  However the status quo of overspending, increasing taxation and poor results is   no longer sustainable. I represent those who want a new direction for our county. They want to be heard and I stand with them.

Let’s talk about the condition of the roads and the funding sources. I have researched the disposition of road repair (HURF) funds for the last 5 years.  More than $80 million dollars was transferred out of the Department of Transportation during this time to pay bonds.  (reference: Pima County finance reports).  It appears the money went to pay bonds.  The Director of Transportation has stated more than 2/3 of the 1800 miles of Pima County roads are in “failed to poor condition.”  

Marana and Oro Valley managed to plan for the downturn and keep their roads repaired.  I stand by my statement it is a complete failure of leadership to have allowed our roads to become a safety hazard for our citizens and first responders.

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I went and found the Buckmaster interview. I didn't here a hear a hulk angry Miller, I heard Wright get her "clocked cleaned" on the issues. Here is a better link to the debate podcast:


I am enjoying the debate between Ally and Thelma. I wonder where Nancy is? But I guess Thelma represents Nancy!

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