Kelly is right about engergy

I agree with Jesse Kelly on this nation’s ability and necessity to use domestic energy to bring about energy independence. I doubt though that Mr. Kelly or the voters he’s attempting to woo know what this means. Discussing this goal many continually cite the Govt. Accountability Office report on the Green River Formation. The GRF does indeed contain 1.5 trillion barrels of technically recoverable oil - this is where most reporters stop. We have more oil than the Saudis they trumpet. The reality is starkly different. The GRF is filled with a substance called Kerogen, a substance which needs extensive energy intensive processing, and not an insignificant amount of water to produce any refinable hydrocarbons, more than typical tight oil shale deposits such as the Bakken.

A USGS survey of the GRF points to yields of 6 - 15 gallons of oil per ton mined. Shell and Exxon have been testing technologies in situ for the best part of 30 years. Heating the resource two years before extraction, attempting to take the place of geologic processes which haven’t occurred yet to be able to extract useful components of Kerogen before processing or refining, means this is not even near $100 a barrel oil. It will not bring low gasoline prices.

When we reach energy independence, perhaps as some nations continue to hit export peaks, we won’t be awash with easy oil and low energy prices regardless of who represents CD8, or the nation.

David Hymers, Marana

Government in need of house cleaning

We are long overdo for a comprehensive government housecleaning. Political corruption is at an all time high, with no accountability. Erik Holder is at the top of my list for not being accountable for “Fast and Furious”. Where is the Accountability President Obama promised during his campaign?

I’m sick and tire of turning on the TV and seeing the same local news story day after day. I want to see and hear about international news, not just Tucson. I am equally disgusted with a media that only shows one side of every political issue. Every story has 2 sides. People want to do the right thing when it comes to political issues. Give the People a break and report all sides of every story so they can make informed decisions regarding who to vote for and who not to vote for. The Media treats the public like we are a bunch of idiots. That’s an insult to the average citizen. Give us ALL the facts and we will do the right thing. As another example of dragging their feet, why are the cases of Giffords’ shooting and the Ft. Hood shooting not being brought to trial? Why do we waste taxpayers’ money and delaying trials for these two shooters? We all know they are guilty. Why not schedule a trial! The government complains about money, yet they waste it on two shooters sitting in jails in other states getting free medical care---How stupid is that? They could at least keep the Gifford shooting suspect in AZ and spend the money in AZ to benefit AZ employees and businesses.

My last example of Media incompetence is the issue of the foiled bomb threat to a US airliner. The public does not need to know all the technical details that were broadcast. No one needs to know a double agent was involved in the plot. If I hear another story about underwear, I will throw up! The plot was discovered and foiled---that’s it. Its obviously a political move to make Homeland Security look like heroes and gain political recognition. After the Cartagena event, they needed to show some positive security work being accomplished. After all the smoke has cleared for the attempted airliner bombing, I noticed an increase in phone calls relating to possible bomb threats to airliners resulting in needless flight delays and passenger frustration. What did you expect when you broadcast all the technical details on how to make a bomb to evade TSA.---How stupid is that!

OK Media, get off your butts and report ALL the news, not just what you feel like reporting or what the government dictates. WE, THE PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID!

Hal Feldman, Oro Valley

Clear on choice in CD8 race

Mr. Kelly/Jesse, “Charming, engaging speaker, young, good looking,” characterize you. Your ability to inspire military to battle is clear.

Boasting, you said you’d read 2600 pages of healthcare proposal written in legal jargon while spearheading a contentious CD8 Campaign. You took credit for nailing a document that politicians, academics, insurance companies and citizens still scrutinize for thorough understanding. That’s quite a feat for a HS grad who’s a busy candidate, boss, husband and father.

C’mon, Jesse. You insult us with your lack of credibility.

You head a project for your father’s business. Dad put you in charge. You did not compete, interview, submit a resume and persuade the company that you had the skills necessary and negotiate salary. It was given to you.

How exactly does working for your father prepare you to be 1 of 435 elected US Congressmen? You are not in charge, just one of the pack. That’s a big change in status. Congress requires forging relationships, treating others as your equal, mastering issues, listening to constituents and respecting those whose values are different. Do you think because you stand up and say, “We need jobs!” that 434 older, more experienced, well educated politicians, male and female some of whom are “liberal” are going to line up behind Jesse Kelly and vote for that because you say so? My! How naïve! How grandiose! How unaware of DC politics you are!

We all long for a rapid economic turnaround. You declared yourself “the Savior candidate” who delivers jobs, ends Obamacare, gains state autonomy. “Quick fixes” are on everyone’s wish list but do not exist in the real world. Your campaign promotes unrealistic expectations, deceiving voters.

Barber, however, speaks straight, makes no sweeping false promises. He is experienced, wise, humble, realistic. Furthermore, Barber survived that unprovoked 20-second, martyrdom listening to constituents. That action says more than all your mesmerizing rhetoric or multicolored high gloss defamatory postcards. You, a Marine, should be ashamed of attacking such a hero.

Do you want to ask me who I’m voting for, Jesse?

Michelle Saxer, Oro Valley

I disklike The Explorer

After reading the Northwest Explorer for 15 years, I have now concluded that its best use is to line my cat’s litter boxes. You are seemingly neutral in your approach in your editorials and articles, but there is an underlying tone and tendency to push the conservative far right-wing agenda that I can no longer stomach. By the way, Gabrielle Giffords did not just retire from political office and Roe v. Wade has been around for a really long time now.

Cynthia Lorge, Tucson

Zinkin should review voter-approved plan

It was interesting to read the letter written by Mike Zinkin referencing the police management study. As one of the faction’s he addresses let me respond. He mentions a couple things that jumped out at me.

He stated, “None of the newly-elected councilmen have ever mentioned that they want to outsource the police department, that want to rid the Department of the School Resource Officers, or desire to cut the police department by 10 percent or that we want to replace the current chief.” I guess he wasn’t paying attention a year ago when Councilmember Bill Garner presented his budget that had cuts to the SRO Program, not to put them on patrol, but to eliminate their numbers from the Department (despite their effectiveness). He also cited other management studies that have been done in the past, but failed to mention the one done on Public Works. Maybe because he knows that that study was a waste of money (as I am sure some others were), but doesn’t want the public to be aware that these studies can and have been manipulated for political purposes.

In the recent Police Study request for proposal the study was clearly designed to serve a political agenda, and in my opinion was properly rejected by the majority of Town Council, and, additionally would have been an unnecessary expense of taxpayers money. He should review the voter approved General Plan that calls for a high level of police service and a “Community Policing” model.


Richard Tracy Sr., Oro Valley

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