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Danny Sharp

People over politics? Sounds like a refreshing concept! As chair of the political committee Keep Oro Valley Strong, I am pleased to share with you that we established this committee to support a vibrant and growing town and outstanding Town Council leaders committed to governance excellence critical to our town’s future. Check us out at keeporovalleystrong.com 

Danny Sharp’s announcement that he is a candidate for Mayor of Oro Valley is indeed a significant development for our town.  If you have come to know Danny as I have in his role as chief of Oro Valley Police for over 20 years, you know of his stellar performance. His expertise in public safety has garnered many accolades for Danny and our town as he and his police officers made Oro Valley “the safest community in Arizona” and “one of the tops in the United States.” Under Sharp’s leadership, our town has developed an outstanding reputation for providing effective public safety for more than 45,000 residents and some 2,500 licensed businesses. 

When we think of Danny Sharp, we think of integrity, leadership and respect. Integrity defines Danny Sharp. He was the epitome of honesty, law and order, and trust in his public safety role as chief. He has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a leader who knows how to solve problems and get things done; a leader who possesses a full measure of integrity, trust and a rock-solid


Sharp is a “transformational leader” who at once honors Oro Valley’s rich history while simultaneously planning for the town’s tomorrow. He offers a broad vision driven by the needs of the community. His expert knowledge of organizations, how they function and the critical importance of communication with all constituencies define Danny’s leadership style.

If you talk with any of the 100+ members of the OVPD, you will hear about Danny Sharp and how much he was respected as chief and still is today. That respect was the hallmark of his tenure as chief. They will tell you that he was an effective role model inspiring all who worked with him. Sharp is an exceptionally good listener. He thinks deeply and never “shoots from the hip.” He insists on having the facts when making decisions.

Longer term residents will recall that Chief Sharp was asked by the Mayor and Council in June 2016 to serve as interim town manager. Danny served in that position for 15 months until September 2017. That role brought him ever closer to the day-to-day workings and operational decisions of the town. He well knows what type of leadership is effective in moving both the governmental structure and the community forward. He will be a highly effective mayor.

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