I read with interest your September 25 article:  “OV council members;’ conduct questioned, recall effort likely”.  I think this article reflects a decision by city council to have the police department report to them instead of the city manager.

First, allow me to state that I am pleased to be a member of the Oro Valley community.  Overall, I think we do a lot of things correctly. 

However, the issue of the police department reporting to the city council representatives, and why it was enacted defies rational logic. 

The mayor and council have voted to have the police report directly to them.  My concern lacks clarity; why the mayor and council would have the police department, which represents 50% of the city budget; report to other than the city manager.  The most logical conclusion is one of two things.

1.  The City Manager is incompetent and does not take corrective action on issues, and should be terminated.  If he isn’t fired a salary adjustment should be made since he is only responsible for approximately 50% of the city budget.  The second alternative is:

2.  We have a political power play occurring in our community.  That is, a relationship exists in the governing community, like the one Lyndon B. Johnson had with J. Edgar Hoover.  Example: Johnson told Hoover, get all the possible dirt on all my fellow senators so I may, as the majority leader, keep them in line.  In return, I will, assure you that I will give the FBI all the funds you request, and award you “The Distinguished Service Award” also.  If I get sufficient power I will make you Director for Life; all of which happened in the relationship between these two men while both were in Washington.

If there is another logical conclusion; to this transfer of responsibility of the police department, please provide a clarification of facts.


John Masenheimer,

Oro Valley

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