The Continental Ranch HOA monthly newsletter provides the Board of Directors and its committees the opportunity to state what’s happening in the community. The dues-paying homeowners have not been permitted to state their ideas, issues, etc. in any of its publications. With this being denied to us, we are thankful for the opportunity The Explorer Newspaper extends to us to state our issues. A big thank you to the reporter who attended the June board meeting to witness for himself the contentiousness that filled the packed community center, and writing about it. In the August Windmill newsletter, page four, it was alleged that homeowners were responsible for causing the CRCA to be “forced to suffer $11,000 in losses” to address their actions, taking our dues to have the HOA attorney diffuse the recall election that we were entitled to have. 597 valid signatures were submitted to validate the recall election. Only 530 were required to obtain success in this endeavor. The HOA attorney sent a manilla envelope filled with copious pages of paperwork to all 667 homeowners who signed the petition. He was essentially stating that the recall election was “invalid,” thus protecting the current board. At the July meeting, a homeowner asked when we were having the recall election, and the response was a flat, “There will be no recall election.” Now the future of the CRCA depends solely on the voters. I strongly encourage each homeowner to vote for change.


Sharon L. Schwartz,

Continental Ranch Homeowner

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