There are clear reasons why the “Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart calls Arizona the meth lab for making laws. We continue to make the national news not for the great things we are doing, but because of the crazy things our elected officials continue to do.

Now, we are in an election year and we have an attorney general and a state superintendent of public instruction refusing to resign despite the fact that both have disgraced their office.

Weeks after Attorney General Tom Horne had new allegations surface about using taxpayer time to manage his re-election efforts, now we have Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal making racist remarks through “anonymous” blogs.

Huppenthal’s posts, made under the name Falcon9 and Thucydides, created plenty of controversy last week after he acknowledged he had written them.

In his remarks, made in 2011, he called people who receive public assistance such as welfare “lazy pigs” and compared the work of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger to the Nazis.

Another anonymous post from 2010 said Spanish-language media should be shut down.

Once you are elected, no matter what party platform you ran for, you are there to serve all constituents. When your comments are racist, show true gender bias and are just plain ridiculous, you have shown you cannot run an elected office that covers a wide vareity of citizens.

The superintendent of public instruction is there to make sure the public school system works for all. That means the female students, that means Hispanic students, that means all students attending our public schools.

While I was never a fan of Huppenthal, especially with his charter school and voucher nonsense, this just proved he is incapable of doing his job.

Then, we had the theater of the insane when he held a press conference last week.

In that press conference, he had the nerve to cry.

Were you crying because you got caught doing something incredibly stupid? Or, were you crying because you actually believe voters believe you are sorry for spreading such hatred?

Either way, like Tom Horne, you should not be wasting our time and money. You should resign your position and find a job where you can keep  your closed-minded beliefs and you can have the freedom to blog whatever you like all day long. In fact, once you resign the office you do not deserve, you can blog using your own name.

When you are an incumbent and you get a challenger, especially a serious challenger, you probably have a problem.

Huppenthal is facing primary challenger Diane Douglas. This would at least give her the chance to focus more on winning a General Election that Huppenthal has chance of winning.

Looking at it logistically, Huppenthal through his “anonymous” power trip lost the vote of women, Hispanics and many others. It’s time to quit.

Of course, by not quitting Huppenthal will just give news outlets the ambition to go find more of his “anonymous” nonsense because let’s face it, he probably has a lot more than what has already found floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

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Right on Thelma, Hupp's gotta go. To all those who agree, please go to and sign the petition!! #ExpelHuppenthal

John Flanagan

It seems to me, as a lifelong observer of American politics, that scandals, accusations, stupid thoughtless comments, and other things will often bring down a politician rapidly, and Republicans found to be miscreants will usually resign or the base will demand it. But....wait....the bells of hypocrisy are again ringing! The Democrats and their progressive base are much less inclined to call for the resignations of their own bad boys or girls, having a higher level of misconduct for their own scoundrels....and except in egregious cases of absolutely proven criminal activity. An unproven accusation is often enough to hang a Republican. The proof is in the record...former President Bill Clinton, proven serial womanizer who admitted to sexual misconduct with an intern in the Oval Office.....well the Dems still love him and none wanted him to resign. Hillary's record with Whitewater, her many public gaffs, her ineptness, her deceptions about problem. Obama, perhaps the most worthy President for problem. Charlie Rangal's scandals? No problem for the Dems. Teddy Kennedy, who left a young lady to die in a creek and wanted one of his staff to claim problem, Dems loved him enough to keep voting for him. The Democrats now consider the IRS targeting of conservatives and resultant hearings a mere partisan witch hunt....and Lois Lerner, a party hack, was never asked for her resignation by much of the Democrat base or media. However, if Lerner had been a conservative and targeted unions and leftist groups.....the resounding voice of the Democrats would be heard all over the land.
My point! Maybe the two Individuals named in this editorial will resign. Maybe nothing they did is outside of what Democrats do with abandon and arrogance, but the smell of hypocrisy is so strong that many of us do take notice....and many of us know which political party much of the mainstream media is usually rooting for when a scandal is invented, exposed, or alleged.

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