In Marana, we strive to create a sense of place. Our residents have chosen to make this community their home for many reasons. The outstanding public schools, the beautiful open spaces with majestic mountain views, the strong commitment to public service embodied by every employee of the town’s government, from the water department to police: all of these facets of Marana make this town an ideal community to put down roots.

Despite our strengths, though, we are not blind to areas where the town can improve. 

Many of our older neighborhoods are in need of infrastructure improvements, and this year, the town will be prioritizing efforts to address these needs. Often, the enormity of a challenge can dissuade us from taking action, but in Marana, we believe we can take immediate steps to chip away at these issues. We may not be able to do everything all at once, but we are dedicating ourselves to a long-term process of growth and improvement.  

The first two communities we will be addressing are Adonis and Honea Heights. In Adonis, a small community in north Marana, east of I-10 and south of Grier Road, drainage has long been a challenge. Currently, we are investigating ways to alleviate the risk of property damage during heavy rainfall. 

At the same time, we are examining how to add sidewalks to this community in order to improve pedestrian access and safety. Finally, we would like to add a park. This amenity could include features like community gardens, a basketball court and space for a school bus stop. While we are still in the early stages of all these projects, the town is committed to exploring creative ways to improve this neighborhood.

Honea Heights is a larger neighborhood, also in north Marana, east of Sanders Road and south of Moore Road. The town is working on a long-term lease with a church located in this community. Soon, a section of this property will become a neighborhood park, complete with a basketball court, playground and ramada. Furthermore, we are investigating how to improve street lighting in this area, as well as future sidewalk construction. Finally, we are already connecting residents to the existing sewer system when their septic systems fail.

As we think of our town as a whole, we strongly believe that residents deserve the highest quality of life in every neighborhood. All of our newer neighborhoods feature parks, and we are working to ensure that every community can enjoy this amenity. Marana is the perfect place to find a home. 

We are not a Tucson suburb — we are a distinct community with our own identity. In every project we pursue, we aim to create a unique look and feel that encapsulates your town. These projects are part of that overall vision. As we act on this vision, we encourage residents to submit their feedback.  

Do you have an innovative idea you would like to see the town pursue? Let us know by completing the Town’s Citizen Survey at Town staff are here to serve residents, to make Marana a community anyone can be proud to call home. 

We appreciate your support in this process, and, indeed, encourage your participation.


Gilbert Davidson is the town manager for Marana.

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