Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


Of all the seasons, fall is my absolute favorite. Not only does it usher in fresh, crisp air and football (Go Cardinals!) but so, too, does it offer the opportunity to try flavorful pumpkin recipes and cozy casseroles. Those things alone set the season apart, but I like to take it a step further. A couple of years ago I scoured the craft stores in late September. I was on a mission to add a touch of fall décor to my home and I was prepared to consider my shopping splurge an investment. To my surprise and delight, though, I found that many retailers were clearing out their harvest decorations to make way for aisle after aisle of Christmas goodies. I was able to pick up quite a haul at a fraction of the retail price. And then, to fill in the gaps, I searched my own home and neighborhood for items to finish the look. Today, I’m sharing some ideas for inexpensive and festive fall décor with you.

Start outside – Something as simple as a wreath on the door will serve to brighten up any front porch or patio. Look for something with sunflowers or leaves in shades of crimson and burnt orange. Take it up a notch by adding seasonal stakes. If the ground is too hard, place your stakes in potted plants. To finish the look, add a small pot of annuals rich in color; marigolds or mums are great choices for the season.

Contain creatively – Around this time of year, you should be able to pick up bags of faux leaves for next to nothing. You could attach them to a grapevine wreath or garland, or you could simply contain them in a glass cylinder or bowl. I like to use various sizes of glass cylinders filled with colorful faux leaves to create a tablescape. If you prefer a natural look, gather pinecones or acorns and use those in place of leaves. Even a vase full of candy corn is festive. Add scented candles and you have an instant cozy corner.

Raid your linen closet – Another way to decorate on a dime is to simply raid your linen closet. Afghans and throws in shades of brown, orange, or red can double as seasonal décor. Throw blankets over the back of a chair or display them in a basket.

Repurpose yard clippings – Last November I spotted some gorgeous trimmed tree branches poking out from a neighbor’s trash can. I rescued them from the garbage and sprayed them with metallic gold paint. After letting them dry and air out, I used them as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece, dotted with red and cream-colored votive candles. My guests oohed and ahhed at the display and probably never would have guessed that it cost me under ten bucks.

While my decorations were purchased (or scavenged) years ago, hopefully one or two of these ideas will inspire you to add something seasonal to your home this fall!

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