Dr. Francisco Garcia

Pima County Health Department Director Dr. Francisco Garcia

Whether you’re an adult or a child, getting a vaccine shot can sting. It certainly makes my boys tear up. Yet, in the pursuit of optimal health, we endure such uncomfortable procedures because we trust that our providers know what’s best. This trust comes from the rigorous reviews health providers must meet and the high level of standards that qualifies them to provide medical treatment, testing and assessment.  When I take my kids to the doctor I don’t have to check their provider’s credentials because I know that as a board certified pediatrician this has already been done by an independent agency and that she has the knowledge and skills to take care of my kids.

 Many health and medical services we take for granted have achieved the recognition of meeting high quality standards through a rigorous review by experts in the field. I am extremely proud to report that our Pima County Health Department is now one of them. Of the nearly 3,000 local health departments in this country, the Pima County Health Department is one of only 134 to achieve the public health accreditation rating.

Public health impacts all of us here in Pima County and that’s why we constantly strive to deliver quality public health services. We offer a number of programs, ranging from mosquito abatement to restaurant inspections to childhood immunizations to service the needs of our community. The quality of such programs can be difficult to measure, but fortunately not impossible thanks to accreditation ratings.

We embarked on the journey to seek public health accreditation to demonstrate to our community members, partners, and leaders that we are a high functioning department in the delivery of exceptional public health services for Pima County. This arduous process took time and dedication, but we saw it through. Thanks to our staff, community partners, and county leadership who committed, we now have national accreditation to certify that our department meets the highest level of quality, accountability, and credibility in the delivery of public health services. 

Like many accreditation processes, the work doesn’t end once you achieve accreditation status – it continues and there are numerous requirements we must continue to meet moving forward. We will continue to review and refine our practices to assure a culture of quality that meets and exceeds these high standards

Whenever you see the seal of National Public Health Accreditation, you will know that the Pima County Health Department has been rigorously examined and meets or exceeds national standards that promote continuous quality improvement for public health.

Please join me in congratulating my colleagues across the health department. Together with your support we have achieved a tremendous milestone.  We are well on our way to creating a Healthy Pima County: Everyone, everywhere, every day.

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