Mari Herreras

It isn’t unusual for newspapers to receive calls from different citizens airing their concerns or providing information on potential stories. All calls are important in their own way, even the one I received last week from a reader wondering if we knew about the closure of the Geasa-Marana Library in Marana to take place by the end of the month.

She asked if we could help prevent it from closing and shared her worry about losing this important asset. I understand where she is coming from, a local senior citizen who uses and loves her local library.

I love the Pima County library system, too. The neighborhood branches and those in towns throughout Pima County are important. While the internet has taken over more and more of our lives through social media and entertainment, the library and those amazing librarians have had to work hard to remain relevant in today’s society.

The plan, from what I understand, is that the library will close officially on Jan. 27 and the Marana Unified School District will take over the building for its information technology department.

The move to close this library seems like such a cut and dry deal with the kids winning. Hard to argue about that, right? Well, no, not according to our reader. Marana will now have only one library—the Wheeler Taft Abbett, Sr. Library near Cortaro and Silverbell roads. That library will be difficult for many in the community to get to, especially those with difficulty driving.

What can she do, she asked me. I suggested getting as many of her friends to start making phone calls to the library, to the county board of supervisors and the town.

“I go to the senior center, maybe I can shake a few branches there,” she said.

I offered our opinion page to her fellow seniors, depending on those branches she shakes. And I wished her luck.

Marana is a growing community, and the kind of community that deserves more than one library.

Branch shaking, anyone?

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