David Rupkalvis

As a political junkie, last Monday was a momentous day as voters in Iowa cast the first ballows for president. As anyone who cares already knows, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton won in Iowa.

But the results were far greater than one winner in each party.

Here’s what I learned.

The Republican race is in all reality down to three candidates.

The nominee from the Republican party will either be Ted Cruz, Donald Trump or Marco Rubio. Dr. Ben Carson has run a strong campaign, but ultimately his outsider effort won’t have enough juice to prevail.

The remaining Republicans, more than I can remember off the top of my head, may fight on for a few more states, but unless something really strange happens, they have virtually no chance of winning the nomination.

On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders has made an amazing move, but the nomination is still Clinton’s to lose. Short of an indictment from her email scandal or some other shocking news, Clinton will be the Democrat nominee. Sanders will continue to fight, and he may have won New Hampshire this week, but he still lags too far behind to stand a real chance when the nominating elections begin to pile up fast and furious over the next few weeks.

I also found it pretty amusing to hear two old, rich white people running as Democrats accuse Republicans of being racist when three of the top four Republicans in Iowa were either Hispanic or black. Those same rich, white people also spent a ton of time badmouthing rich, white people.

And that is the real problem with national politics. Most of the candidates have completely lost touch with real America. How can someone fight for me when they have no idea what it’s like to pay the rent or they have never seen a disconnect notice from the electric company? 

This goes for both parties. Being out of touch is not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing. It’s a Washington thing. Elected officials surround themselves with a bunch of yes men and women and over time lose touch with reality. You know, for most of us, the hard question isn’t whether we should go to Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii for vacation. Most of us wonder whether we can even afford to take a day off when we’re sick.

Back to Iowa. 

One trend I noticed not just on Election Day, but in the days before and after, is how personal this primary has become for both parties. As Clinton gave her speech, Sanders’ supporters were yelling out, calling her a liar. 

Trump fans began quickly badmouthing Cruz while Cruz and Rubio apparently worked to convince Carson supporters that their candidate was about to drop out.

I completely understand supporting and fighting for the candidate you prefer. But if you’re a Democrat, whether you support Clinton or Sanders, the ultimate goal should be to have one of them move into the White House in 2017. 

If you’re a Republican, the goal is to make sure one of your own, replaces Pres. Obama when he moves out.

By making the election so personal, voters in both parties are at risk of damaging their eventual nominee so much he or she could lose when it really matters. 

When the primary reaches Arizona, I will vote for one of the candidates. I will want my candidate to win, not just here, but all the way to the White House. But I will not speak badly about anyone running. Ultimately, one of these people, one of five or six, will be my president, your president, our president.

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I haver really liked the new editor of the Explorer. Today I lost all respect for him! After Iowa's debacle, he pretty much declared who's going to win in Nov. The R's are down to three. Oh, really? I see he didn't include Kasich who finished a strong second to Trump in NH, while Rubio is self- destructing. He's already "electing" Hillary, even though Bernie massacred her in NH. I thought editors were supposed to be more neutral. I'd rather see him go after the part that says Independents can't vote in the primaries.They can, and did, in NH. Why can't we in AZ?

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