For the past 25 years, businesses throughout the region have had a reliable ally in the Marana Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber serves as the voice of business and assists in the development of economic growth and quality of life in our community.

That’s not light duty. The Chamber’s membership runs the gamut, from small, family businesses to large, global corporations. Each member receives personalized care from the Chamber’s dedicated staff and benefits greatly from membership.

The Chamber provides numerous programs and services to improve the economic environment for its members. When they join the Chamber, members have many opportunities to network with their colleagues to build strong relationships and improve their chances of success. A healthy business community benefits everyone.

Members also learn more about what’s going on across the region and state by attending the Chamber’s monthly Community Regional Updates. Those meetings are regularly attended by state and county representatives and Town of Marana elected officials and senior leadership.

The Chamber and its members also support a number of deserving organizations, including the Marana Food Bank, the Marana Foundation, Marana Health Center, Marana Unified School District and the National Guard.

Partnerships with the Chamber enable the Town to reach many of its economic development goals. President/CEO Ed Stolmaker and his staff, including Kathy Price, Lizzie Kelley, Alex Chavez and Rebecca Kososkie, are hard workers who make ours a reliable and well-respected Chamber.

Some of us were living here when the Marana Chamber was founded in 1987. We have seen the organization grow and serve an important role in the development of sustainable commerce. The Marana Chamber of Commerce will continue being an invaluable resource in the success of its more than 500 members and making Marana a great place to live, work and do business.

For more information on joining the Marana Chamber of Commerce, please contact Rebecca at 331-2367 or 682-4314.

(Editor’s Note: Ed Honea is the mayor of Marana)

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