Mari Herreras

I yelled into my mailbox today and heard a deafening echo. For the first time in months, this newspaper hasn’t received a letter to the editor explaining why the Oro Town Council incumbents in this last election are either civic government gods or members making a mockery of government process. 

Looking at our election coverage, my guess is that the echo will continue for some time. Unless, of course, you want to argue that the voters were wrong. In my last opinion to you, I thought up a different approach and now that’s is going to be post election season at Town Hall, let’s think about that again. 

A new approach: Get involved, show up and congratulate the winners and move on. Don’t hold grudges if you have them. Reach out and continue to make a difference and make your voice heard. Yes, this page is still a perfect spot for what we call at home, an airing of grievances, but why not even take it all further. 

How about a new approach challenge? How about filling this page with letters expressing how much this town means to you, telling us about amazing acts of kindness you’ve experienced lately. How about telling the community about a meeting you’re putting together or a group you’re involved in and inviting everything to join in. How about letters to you kids’ teachers, telling them (and us) the good they are doing in our schools? How about a stream of letters about our emergency responders and the good works they do in our community keeping us safe and helping us when we are in trouble? Or how about a letter just expressing gratitude for everything your life has to offer at this very moment. 

Wow. I’d love an email mailbox full of those kind of letters. If you’re not entirely up for this, OK, I understand. But it’s something to consider. I’ll continue to print those airing of grievances. There are challenges in our community that will remain and needs to be addressed. I expect you to call our reporters to let them know about those challenges, too. But let’s not forget the good stuff. Let’s celebrate it, and at the same time move on.

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