For the past five months, the Town of Oro Valley staff, as part of the Your Voice, Our Future project, has led a series of public outreach efforts and events to garner input as we plan for our community’s future. Those efforts included 60 community events and workshops, a phone survey, and online surveys at

The results have been impressive with 577 surveys collected, 1,964 people visited the project website, and 2,888 comments were received. This community-driven effort will result in the vision and guiding principles for Oro Valley’s next General Plan update.

As the council liaisons to this effort, our pledge has been to ensure this entire process is community-driven, and we are so pleased with the amount of energy our citizens put into the community feedback portion of this project. Thank you, Oro Valley. We are also proud of town volunteers and staff who made it all happen. Now that the results are in, the real work begins, and we need your help.

It is time to form committees and begin the process of reviewing and updating our General Plan. This process is the key to success for Oro Valley’s future. There will be long hours and discussions, but we are confident that we have the citizens who are willing to step up to the challenge for a rare opportunity for extensive citizen participation in mapping out the future of our community. We look forward to witnessing the process and creation of this important document.

Now, here is your call to action: 

First and foremost, we need to hear your feedback on the vision and guiding principles that were developed from all the community input. That information has been posted to, and we hope you will take a look and tell us if we got it right. Committees will work within the framework of the vision and guiding principles to help build the community’s plan. 

Secondly, please take a moment to fill out an application to be on a committee. Applications are also available on Our hope is to engage a wide array of residents. The General Plan is a document written by the people, with input provided by the people, to be ratified by the people. This process only works with your continued energy and support.

(Editor’s Note: Joe Hornat and Mike Zinkin are members of the Oro Valley Town Council.)

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