John Winchester

In what is fast becoming Pima County’s very own version of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Ally Miller, the sitting Supervisor for District 1, has shown a penchant for bad judgment and an unhealthy mistrust of people with whom she has political disagreement. 

She has long championed herself as the watchdog exposing corruption in Pima County, yet, she seems totally unwilling to admit her own shortcomings in the latest episode regarding the release of records, and has in fact doubled down on her own narrative that everything currently taking place involving her and her refusal to acquiesce to requests for documentation are simply an attempt to destroy her good name in an election season.   

The whole reason we are at this point is because rather than really dig to find out about one of her aide’s involvement in a fake website, she readily declared his innocence, and regarded all inquiries by the press as yet another attempt to make her look bad. Once the truth finally came out, despite her attempts at deflection and culpability in the character assassination of an innocent person, and fellow Republican, who was blamed for the creation of the website, she stonewalled at requests to release any documents related to the subject. 

After what amounted to a public reprimand by her fellow Board members regarding her “untimely” submission of some of the documents requested, she still refused to hand over anything related to public business conducted on her personal accounts. She claims she does no business on them, yet, new evidence shows that she clearly has and probably still does, because she doesn’t want the prying eyes of county officials looking at how she is conducting public business. 

The hypocrisy of Supervisor Miller is the truly galling thing in this situation. Ever since she has been in office she has heralded herself as the one who is rooting out the corruption of the county, demanding more transparency from the government, and insinuating that she alone has the ideas and the capability to change things. A true leader acknowledges problems when they arise, and seeks to be as forthright as possible. They do not try to disparage and subvert those seeking to find out the facts in an attempt to hide their own shortcomings. 

Everyone has made mistakes, and for all intents and purposes it seems that Mrs. Miller didn’t do anything illegal in the original matter at hand. However, her constant refusal to meet the legitimate demands placed upon her as a public official, whatever her reasoning may be, is entirely inappropriate and has in fact made the matter worse, for now she has actually been caught in a lie, that she doesn’t use her private email accounts for public use, something she clearly has done.  The County Attorney has now referred Miller’s case to the Arizona Attorney General for investigation.

It is time for new leadership out of District 1. It is time for a Supervisor who doesn’t mind being put under the microscope, but embraces the role of a public official with all the scrutiny it will bring. It is time for a Supervisor who will focus on creating solutions rather than scandals. It is time for someone who will work openly to build coalitions for a better Pima County and not hide behind closed doors or in secreted alleys.


—John Winchester,

Candidate from D1

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This is a paid political ad, right? A hit piece.


I find it difficult to believe that people are still willing to support Ally Miller. She has demonstrated repeatedly that she lacks the skills, integrity and temperament to perform the duties of the office she holds.

Whether or not you agree with her political perspective, voting to re-elect an unqualified person to hold this important position would be irresponsible.


Ally Miller is not the issue here. If Mr. Winchester thinks we should vote for him, then perhaps he ought to tell us about himself and his program, and not use a guest column as a political hit piece to smear his opponent. How do we know he is "qualified?"

All he has shown us is that he knows a lot of pejorative words to use against the Supervisor: "unhealthy," :hypocrisy," "disparage and subvert," "caught in a lie," " secreted alleys." So is this the new "civil discourse?"

Really not appropriate for a "guest column." If there is dirt to be exposed for any candidate, that's really the job of a free press, not to just provide space for free attack ads by self-interested wannabe politicians.

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