So the NAACP is upset over the jury’s finding in the George Zimmerman trial. They have even gone so far as to ask the US Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Eric Holder is upset. He is out and about trying to stir up trouble.

The reason Zimmerman was found to be not guilty is because there was insufficient evidence to convict him. In fact he never should have even been arrested. The only reason he was arrested was political pressure. What we have now is “selective outrage.” Last weekend ten youngsters were killed in Chicago. Where was the NAACP? Where was Holder? In fact just since the verdict was announced many others of all races have been murdered. Where is the outrage?

It is obvious to me that some individuals are just trying to gin up racial tension across the country. When President Obama injected himself into the Zimmerman case, he started a ball rolling that hasn’t stopped yet and probably won’t until more people are killed. Whatever problems ensue from the unrest being stirred by these so-called leaders will be laid at the feet of the instigators of this unrest and that includes the president.

America is not a banana republic and should not act like one. We are a country of laws and order. Politics have no place in murder trials, especially not this one. Local police investigated the death of Trayvon Martin and concluded there was not enough evidence to bring charges. That should have been the end of it. Sadly it became a cause célèbre to some. The usual suspects showed up with their bands of goons pressuring politicians to do something. Well the politicians got involved and you can see the aftermath of their involvement.

If George Zimmerman had a Hispanic sounding name, you would never have heard about this case. If George Zimmerman had himself been a black man, you would never have heard about this case. This became ugly politics, period. Can you imagine the surprise when the instigators found out that Zimmerman was in fact Hispanic? To deal with the matter, they decide to call him a “white Hispanic.” What nonsense.

To be sure, America has far too many murders. America has far too much crime. Our outrage, however, seems limited to certain crimes and certain races. I hurt for the parents of Trayvon Martin. I also hurt for the parents of George Zimmerman. Do we not also hurt for the hundreds of other victims of assault and murder that happen every day in our country?

Neither you nor I were out on that dark street the night Martin was killed. None of us knows exactly what happened. All the available evidence was presented to a jury and they found the defendant not guilty. That is the way our system works. You don’t have to like the verdict. I didn’t like the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial, but life has gone on. I didn’t like the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, but life has gone on. Ultimately all of us will face true judgment.

Holder and the NAACP and all those who are suffering from “selective outrage” are just picking at scabs. If they do not rein themselves in, that scab will erupt and no one will like the result. We are over the sixties. We don’t need to re-live it. The evidence was presented, the jury made their decision, now all of us have to just live with it.

Ron Scarbro

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John Flanagan

Excellent points. Those who made this into a racist incident only inflamed tensions, and the media thrives on controversy as well. Since the FBI, which has a diverse group of agents of all colors, investigated the matter diligently, we can assume that the findings of no racist sentiment on Zimmerman's part are true. After all, under political pressure, the FBI still did a professional and objective investigation, interviewing just under 40 people familiar with Zimmerman. You can be sure they left no stone unturned. There was no indication in Zimmerman's past, by words, actions, or sentiment, that he was a racist. The legal system ruled in Zimmerman's favor. We need to move on.


I agree that politics needs to stay out of the court room. But unfortunately that is impossible under the current system when the appointment of judges is political. But that's a subject for another day.

However, I think it is worthy to note that it would appear that the only people that can readily be identified with the post Trayvon Martin uproar are on the left. That should be made clear as it sends a strong message about their 'view' of this world and our country.

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