Gilbert Davidson

Marana Town Manger Gilbert Davidson speaks during the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Marana Business Development Center on Jan. 12, 2012

This fall, the town of Marana begins a new program in partnership with Marana High School that gives students a whole new perspective on local government.    

By doing so, the town continues its commitment to support and showcase our high quality K-12 education institutions as a compelling factor for families and businesses to live and work in the community. We are proud of our high performing schools, and “Marana 2.0” is just one of many programs offered to students that provides valuable life experiences. 

“Marana 2.0” goes beyond traditional classroom-based civics lessons and places students at the forefront of public service. Ten seniors will complete internships in various functions throughout the town, including communications, technology services, elections, police, special events, parks and recreation and the manager’s office. At the end of the year, each of these students will present a cumulative project to the council.   

What makes this program so exciting isn’t just teaching students about local government; students will influence policy and work on real-world projects. This program intends to give young people a prominent seat at the table, and we look forward to hearing what they have to say. 

Our schools add incalculable value to Marana. The town understands that a close relationship with our schools is integral not only for students, but for the whole community. 

That is why we have incorporated schools into many aspects of the town’s Strategic Plan. Whether we’re highlighting schools on or collaborating with students on community projects, our deeply rooted connection with the education system helps make our community stronger. 

Over the next 10 months, Marana 2.0 students will blog about their experiences. 

To read about their adventures and to learn more about Marana News in general, visit the Marana Newsroom at

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We cannot say for sure how students can benefit from this partnership, as we will see the results in future. Though, I am confident that young people should have an opportunity to communicate with successful people more often. Educators give knowledge, but they cannot be the only model for young generation, actually they are not always inspirers. Of course, students will not be able to apply for dissertation chapters help to such personality though I believe that they are able to give a kind of boost for a thesis research and development in general.

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