Terry Rozema

Marana Chief of Police Terry Rozema.

To Our Marana Community

Last week the law enforcement profession suffered a tremendous loss when five officers were killed, and eight other officers were wounded in a horrific attack on police officers in Dallas Texas. With the reality of that tragedy still fresh in our hearts and minds, today we suffered yet another blow to the law enforcement profession in Baton Rouge, LA. Our hearts go out to the families and victims of that senseless attack, and our thoughts and prayers are with them as they continue to remain with our brothers and sisters in Dallas.

Perhaps it goes without saying that what’s occurring in our nation is troubling, even unnerving, and I don’t think it will surprise you when I say that police officers across the nation are carrying out their daily duties with a heightened sense of caution and vigilance. Let’s face it, the profession of policing has always been dangerous. The very nature of what we do carries inherent risk and potential peril under normal conditions, but the truth is we’re not policing under “normal” conditions. We are currently facing one of the most difficult times ever (if not the most difficult time) to serve as a police officer in America. There is no doubt it’s tough right now for officers across the nation and that includes our officers here in the Town of Marana.

However, the purpose of this message is not to tell you things you’ve already surmised for yourselves, the purpose of this message is to thank you. While it is certainly difficult to be a police officer during these times, I want you to know how much your ongoing support has meant to us. Beginning early Monday and extending throughout last week my office was flooded with expressions of support, encouragement, and appreciation from many of you. The letters, emails, phone calls, food etc., served as a testament of the wonderful community we live, work, and serve in. It verified what we have been telling our officers for months, that we are blessed to serve and protect in the Town of Marana. While some police departments may feel little to no support, we have been showered with overwhelming gratitude and encouragement. Thank you for that.

As your Police Chief,I want you all to know that the men and women of the Marana Police Department are not only some the finest in the policing profession, but they are some of the best people you will ever meet. I sincerely hope you’ve had the opportunity to experience that firsthand. They are 100 percent committed to serving you, helping you and protecting you and I could not be more proud of them. Many of you have asked me what you can do to show our officers that you appreciate them, and the best thing you can do is what you’ve already been doing… tell them. Friday an officer told me he hasn’t been able to go anywhere without being thanked, and those simple words go a long way. Your sincere words of support and appreciation are helping us, not merely to cope with the difficulties we’re facing, but to literally grow in our commitment and resolve to serve you and to keep you safe.

Thank you Marana, it is an honor to serve such a wonderful community.



Terry S. Rozema

Chief of Police

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