Woolly Mammoth
AP Photo

An extraordinarily well-preserved woolly mammoth uncovered in Siberia was revealed to the public for the first time this week in Japan.

While the baby female is not the first mammoth to be recently dug up in the remote region of Russia, what makes this find so special is the extent to which the animal's carcass is still intact.

In a video of the woolly mammoth being removed from its shipping container in Yokohama, Japan, the carcass appears to still have a considerable amount of its fur.

The muscle tissue is said to be sound, though the animal is missing pieces of its upper torso and legs -- those absent parts may have been the result of prehistoric predators or, as one expert suggested in 2012, an interaction with ancient humans.

Now, scientists are looking at the blood samples with thoughts of eventually cloning the extinct species.

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John Flanagan

I really don't care if they clone a Woolly Mammoth. I just hope they never clone Obama, Reid, Pelosi, or Justin Bieber.

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