Shea Allen


Shea Allen expected to report the news, not be part of it. But now, after a personal post online got her fired, she’s the subject of a national news story.

In Huntsville, Ala., Allen was a regular fixture on the evening news, covering a wide range of stories for ABC affiliate WAAY. But it was her blog, not her reporting, that landed her in hot water, splashing her name across national headlines.

Even though it was written during time off from work, a blog post titled “No Apologies: Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter” didn’t fly well with her bosses.

Among the “confessions”: she’s frightened of old people and refuses to do stories involving them; her best sources have a secret crush on her, and she’s gone without a bra during a live report — and no one noticed.

Allen thought it was all in good fun, but her bosses clearly didn’t get the joke. Allen says she was fired three days after she posted the “confessions.” The station has told NBC News that it couldn’t comment on personal matters.

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