Weather causing travel problems

A blast of winter weather wiped hundreds of flights off the boards Monday after causing dozens of wrecks, including one that tangled up about 50 cars, on snowy and icy roads in the Northeast.

Major cities along the East Coast faced a tough commute to start the workweek, and they were in for a second round of winter weather on Tuesday. Forecasters said that Washington could get 3 to 5 inches of snow, Philadelphia 1 to 3 inches and New York at least an inch.

“It will be quite a 48 hours for that region,” said Kevin Roth, a lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel.

The first round of weather came from Texas and the Mid-South, where marathons were canceled in Dallas and Memphis, Tenn., over the weekend and dozens more holiday events had to be scrapped.

There hasn't been a break in the freezing temperatures as a storm stretched from coast to coast, Texas to Minnesota, and some residents took their skates to the streets. The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel reports.

As the system moved northeast, it wrought havoc on the roads. The biggest tie-up was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, where a driver got out of his car after a minor accident and then was struck and killed himself.

That set off a chain reaction of crashes behind him, ultimately involving about 50 cars and shutting down part of the turnpike for seven hours.

In New Jersey, a car slid off Interstate 78, killing two people. Icy roads triggered a 24-car pileup late Sunday night just north of New York City, causing scattered minor injuries, police said.

And a 20-car crash early Monday closed southbound lanes of Interstate 95 for two hours near Greenwich, Conn.

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