Sheriff Joe (copy)
Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

According to a CNN report, Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio has required prison inmates to wear pink underwear and saved taxpayers money by removing salt and pepper from prisons.

A judge ruled Friday that Arpaio's routine handling of people of Latino descent is not tough enforcement of immigration laws but instead amounts to racial and ethnic profiling.

Some of those profiled sued Arpaio, and Judge Murray Snow found their complaints to be legitimate.







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John Flanagan

The Democrats and liberals have been gunning for Arpaio for a long time, but the folks here, Latino and non-Latino, will still support him. As for racial profiling, I guess if most of the ethnic groups coming across the border illegally where Eskimos or Laplanders, he would still be accused of racial profiling, even if most of the illegals used reindeer drawn sleds coming up the I-10 to Phoenix.

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