Marana town council members soon will make more money, after voting unanimously June 17 to increase the salaries for the mayor, vice mayor and five council members.

The 77 percent pay increase will cost the town an extra $63,708 per year when it goes into effect July 1, 2009, after the next round of town council elections.

Arizona law prohibits the adjustment of compensation of public officers during their terms, meaning that the council members can give themselves a raise only after a new seat comes up for a vote.

Currently, the mayor receives a $950 monthly salary, and the vice mayor and remaining council members get $750 per month. Additionally, the mayor and council get $80 for cell phone and $125 for vehicle reimbursements. The mayor gets a yearly compensation of $13,860, while the other six council members receive $11,460, including gas and cell phone.

At first, the mayor and council will make the same amount of money when the 2009 raises go into effect, with each receiving a monthly pay of $1,367, $125 for cell phones and $250 for gas and vehicle compensation.

Since Mayor Ed Honea’s current term ends 2011, his position will see a two-step increase, first in July 2009 along with the other members, and again in July 2011 at the start of the new mayoral term. If re-elected, his salary would increase to $1,750 per month. He also would get a town vehicle.

The decision to increase council members pay came about when a six-member citizen task force was appointed in April to compare Marana’s compensation with that of more than 50 other Arizona cities and towns.

In 2011, the vice mayor will receive an additional $25 per month for vehicle reimbursements.

By 2011, the annual salaries for the mayor and council members would cost the town $148,224 per year.



• Current: $1,155 per month

• As of July 1, 2009: $1,742 per month

• As of July 1, 2011: $1,875 per month

Vice mayor

• Current: $955 per month

• 2009: $1,742 per month

• 2011: $1,767 per month

Council members

• Current: $955 per month

• 2009: $1,742 per month

• 2011: $1, 742 per month

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