Oro Valley finance officials have given the town council a preview of the fiscal 2011 budget, a spending plan anticipated to come in balanced.

In a presentation on April 7, Finance Director Stacey Lemos presented the budget summary to the council. It includes no employee layoffs or voluntary resignations. It also includes no cost-of-living adjustments, raises or step-pay increases for town employees.

Lemos told the council the budget reflects reduced home building activity, with about 75 new single-family homes anticipated.

The spending plan shows an anticipated $3.7 million decrease in general fund spending, the portion of the budget that pays for most town departments.

The council has numerous budget sessions planned before the scheduled adoption on June 16.


The following are some projections from the proposed 2011 budget:

Revenue             FY 2011             FY 2010

General fund             $25.7M             $27.9M

Highway Fund   $3.7M             $4.6M

Bed Tax             $270,569             $563,693

Transit Fund             $354,845             $684,544

Water Utility             $14.1M             $16.9M


Departmental expenses:

            FY 2011             FY 2010

Town Council             $220,610             $237,012

Town Manager $974,477            $986,385

Town Clerk             $378,168             $524,020

Human Res.             $483,939             $488,000

Legal             $842,547             $920,971            

Court             $754,507             $769,183

Police             $11.4M             $12.2M

Finance             $727,279             $841,141

Parks             $1.7M             $1.9M

DIS*             $2.7M             $3.7M

Library             $1.1M             $1.2M


Total             $25.7M             $29.5M


* Development and Infrastructure Service (DIS) is the proposed new name for consolidated Building Safety, Public Works, and Planning and Zoning departments. The 2010 expenditure total comes from the departments' combined budgets.




Oro Valley budget meeting schedule


April 14: Town manager's recommended budget delivered to Finance and Bond Committee.

April 24: Town council budget session (Saturday).

April 28: Town council study session.

May 12: Town council study session.

May 26: Town council study session. *

June 2: Town council study session. *

June 16: Town council regular session. **


*Meetings tentatively scheduled.

**Regular session could include budget adoption.

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