On Sunday, Nov. 7 at 2:30 a.m., police responded to a home near North La Cañada Drive and West Congressional Way in reference to an assault. A resident told police that three men had harassed and punched his 21-year-old son. The son told police that three men approached him as he stood outside of his house. The man described the three suspects as black men, two of whom wore all black clothing and one in all red clothing. He said the men approached him and asked what he was doing. One of the men then punched the man in the face. The man told police that he retaliated and punched back at one of the men. He then reached for his cell phone to make a call, at which time he stated the men fled on foot. The man told police he did not know who the men were. He told police that he did not want to press charges against the men but did want to file a report to document the incident. No arrests were made.

On Friday, Nov. 5 at 12:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the area of La Cañada and Naranja, where a woman reported a road-rage incident. The woman told police that she had accidentally cut off another motorist near La Cholla Boulevard and Magee Road. She then drove into Oro Valley with the other driver following her. All the while, she told police, the man in the other car drove erratically, at times accelerating in front of her car then slowing down, causing her to slam on the brakes. She attempted to turn eastbound from La Cañada onto Naranja where the man stopped his car in the roadway in front of her and approached her car. She told police the man opened her car door and punched her twice. The first blow struck the woman on the mouth, the second near her ear. At least three people witnessed the assault and confirmed the action to police. A witness also took note of the man’s license plate and provided it to police. The man was later located and questioned. He told police that he did assault the woman. He was arrested on assault charges and booked into Pima County Adult Detention Center.

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