Three minute interview: Terry Royal

In March, Terry Royal took over as warden of the Marana Community Correctional Treatment Facility, a minimum-security facility with the capacity for 506, non-violent criminals. The compound stands off Silverbell Road near the Marana Municipal Airport.

Royal said his facility doesn’t deal just in incarceration but prepares inmates for release. The prison provides substance abuse counseling and helps inmates get GEDs.

 What got you into prison management?


I studied corrections in college with the original intent of being a counselor and that progressed over the 16 years to being a warden in Indiana.

 What’s different about this job than other ones you’ve had?


This is my seventh prison and they’re all a little bit different. The main difference here is learning the prison polices. Prison work’s pretty much the same, I’m just learning the procedures here that are different from Indiana.

How many inmates are housed in the prison?


 Sometime last year we got down to around 400, but it’s based on demand. So as populations change, we go up or down. Typically, we stay around 500 because in prison there never seems to be an abundance of space no matter what state you go to.

What’s something people may not know about the prison?


I’ve actually found, surprisingly, that most people in the community don’t even know we’re here. I spoke with several people in the month and a half that I’ve been out here that live right here in this Marana community and they do not know that a facility exists. I guess another surprise is they don’t know that we provide a lot of labor in the community through our work crews.

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