As per a judge’s order, all ballots in the recall election of the Continental Ranch HOA board were recounted last Thursday, with results removing Nicole Glasner and Tom Litch  from the board.

When a recall petition was filed against the board late last year, five of the seven board members resigned before the recall election was held. Only Glasner and Litch were left to face the voters.

Glasner and Litch were removed by 53 and 60 percentage votes, respectively.

The Jan. 31 recall election was thrown out because only 697 of the 1,444 submitted ballots were counted, falling below the 1,000-vote quorum. The other 747 ballots were tossed out for not meeting all of the election requirements.

On May 6, Judge Charles V. Harrington ruled in Pima County Superior Court that all the ballots must be counted.

The recall effort sprang from dissatisfaction over the board’s new trash deal and enforcement of violations perceived as frivolous by some residents. More than 4,000 houses are included in Continental Ranch, making it the largest homeowners association in Marana.

Marana Town Councilman and Continental Ranch resident Russell Clanagan had filed a lawsuit against the homeowners association in December, arguing for a straight election of the HOA’s board members.

The lawsuit also challenged the validity of appointing the remaining members to the HOA board, but under the ruling, the five replacements are allowed to stay in their positions.

While the order to recount all the votes was given, several other points raised in Clanagan’s lawsuit were thrown out, such as getting rid of all the newly appointed HOA board members.

As Glasner and Litch were president and vice president of the HOA board, a meeting planned for May 27 would elect new officers, paving the way for finding replacements for the two vacated spots.

Had the 697 votes counted the first time around in January, Glasner and Licht would’ve been removed by votes of 57 and 62 percent, respectively.

Recount results

A court-ordered recount of the Continental Ranch HOA board recall election found that the two remaining board members up for recall were removed.

Nicole Glasner

•Votes to remove: 599

•Votes to keep: 522

•Total: 1,121

•Percentage of removal votes: 53 percent

Tom Litch

•Votes to remove: 648

•Votes to keep: 422

•Total: 1,072

•Percentage of removal votes: 60 percent

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