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Car dealer offers gun with purchase

Salesmen at a Missouri car dealership are not just kicking in a free CD player or air conditioner: They are offering a free handgun with every purchase.

Through the end of the month, car buyers at Max Motors in Butler will have a choice — $250 toward either a gun purchase or gasoline.

General manager Walter Moore said that so far, most buyers have chosen the gun, adding that he suggests they opt for a semiautomatic model “because it holds more rounds.”

(In the fine print, the ad on the Web site explains, “Check written toward purchase price” and also mentions, “Approved Background Check REQUIRED!!”)

Moore said he suspects his “Free Handgun” ad will draw protests in some places. But not in Butler, about 65 miles south of Kansas City.

Moore said, “Down here, we all believe in God, guts and guns.”

N.H. makes public peeing a violation

Ringing in the New Year in New Hampshire by peeing in public could cost $1,000.

Gov. John Lynch signed a law this week adding a new section to the state’s public indecency statute making public urination or defecation a violation punishable by up to a $1,000 fine. It goes into effect on Jan. 1. To be guilty, the person would have to know the act would affront or alarm someone else.

The legislation was to correct a gap in the law. Currently, there is no state law specifically addressing public urination; it’s prosecuted under a patchwork of local and state laws, indecent exposure among them.

Because indecent exposure is a sex offense, multiple convictions could land habitual public urinators on a sex offender registry, a penalty lawmakers felt was too severe for the crime.

Man sues pet spa alleging unfair dogfight

A man is suing a posh Manhattan spa after a 65-pound pit bull nearly turned his 10-pound schnauzer into doggy biscuits.

The lawsuit alleges that shaggy schnauzer Diesel was left helpless at the Biscuits & Bath spa on Fifth Avenue when the larger pit bull got loose from handlers and mauled him, nearly ripping off one of the small pooch’s hind legs.

Diesel’s owner, Jeffrey Tullman, says his schnauzer is tough, but was “way outgunned.” He is suing the spa for $200,000 in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Spa manager Jason Christmas says all customers must sign liability waivers before leaving their pets. The spa is cage-free and off-leash. Tullman says that his dog underwent surgery and needed more than a dozen stitches.

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