Changes to Coyote Run, Oro Valley's needs-based transit system for seniors and the disabled, appear inevitable.

On Wednesday, the town council is scheduled to review and possibly approve one of three options, each of which reduces the service, for Coyote Run.

Coyote Run has been funded in part with state funds, which are being cut. The council had considered reducing the service by half, limiting out-of-town trips to doctor visits. In-town trips would still be available for any purpose, although advanced scheduling would be necessary.

Now, town transportation officials have prepared three options for consideration at the council's Wednesday meeting.

The first option is the existing proposal to reduce the service by half. This proposal provides service for residents outside of town limits for medical purposes only.

The second involves the effective elimination of Coyote Run in favor of a Regional Transportation Authority-operated dial-a-ride system. This would require a town contribution to the RTA of roughly $75,000.

Under this option, the newly instituted service would be available to the general public, serving areas in and around the town. Americans With Disabilities Act-qualifying riders who need service to areas outside of the town would have to use the RTA-run Handicar service. This option would require the elimination of town transit jobs.

The third option, and the one favored by town transit officials, would operate Coyote Run as a joint venture between the town and the RTA. The town would similarly have to contribute $75,000 to the RTA for a dial-a-ride service, with RTA bearing the remaining costs. Town employees would be retained under this option, which would provide extended service hours, to 7 p.m. weekdays. Travel outside town limits would be limited to seniors and the disabled for medical purposes only.

The town council meets at 6 p.m. at Oro Valley Town Hall, 11000 N. La Cañada Drive.

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