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Man driving friend to DWI hearing charged with DWI

A Massachusetts man faces drunken driving charges after ramming a courthouse curb while bringing a friend to a drunken driving hearing in Candia, N.H.

A state trooper who arrested the friend two months ago was outside the courthouse last Wednesday morning when 50-year-old Edward Cooper of Rockland, Mass., drove in. He says the driver ran right into the curb, then was charged with drunken driving.

Cooper was driving a friend to court for a hearing on a drunken driving arrest in July.

Cooper now has his own hearing next month.

Woman fends off burglars with brass instrument

A woman who lives near the Smoky Mountains used a musical instrument to scare away two men who broke into her home.

A Sevier County (Tenn.) Sheriff’s Office report that stated the victim awoke to find two men in her home in Seymour last Saturday morning. Her child was asleep in the home.

Deputies said the woman used part of a brass musical instrument to hit one of the men and both intruders fled.

It couldn’t immediately be determined what kind of instrument she used. She got a license number, though, and police later charged two men with aggravated burglary.

NYC man says airline lost his dead wife’s body

A man who tried to send his late wife’s body to their native Ecuador for burial is suing American Airlines and a funeral home, claiming her remains were sent to the wrong country.

Miguel Olaya, 60, says he hired the DeRiso Funeral Home in New York City to ship his wife’s body to Guayaquil, Ecuador, on April 1, but the coffin wasn’t at the airport when he went to meet it. He also claims the body was badly decomposed because it wasn’t properly embalmed.

Christopher Robles, Olaya’s lawyer, said the airline gave his client conflicting stories.

“First, they didn’t know where her body was. Then, they said maybe it was in Miami, and finally they said it was in Guatemala,” the lawyer said last week. “Instead of sending it on the flight to Guayaquil, American sent the body to Guatemala City.”

The lawyer said Olaya could not collect his wife’s remains until April 4. “The body was missing for four days,” he said.

Funeral director Kathleen DeRiso said someone at American punched in the wrong airport code. She said they wrote GUA for Guatemala instead of GYE for Guayaquil.

American spokeswoman Jennifer Pemberton said her company was researching the situation but could not comment because of the pending litigation.

Olaya’s lawsuit, filed last week in state Supreme Court, accuses the airline and funeral home of negligence and asks for unspecified damages.

Olaya’s wife, Teresa, died of pelvic cancer at age 57 on March 28.

Boy’s arm broken by sturgeon

Authorities say a boy’s arm was broken and his father was cut by a jumping sturgeon on the Suwannee River near Dowling Park, Fla.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that the victims and two other family members were cruising the river last Sunday afternoon. Officials say a nearly 4-foot-long sturgeon jumped in front of the boat. The fish shattered the windshield and hit 32-year-old Christopher W. Howard and his 4-year-old son, Chandler. They were taken to a Live Oak hospital for treatment.

Howard’s wife and other son were not injured.

The large, prehistoric-looking sturgeon have hard plates along their backs. They can grow up to 8 feet long and up to 200 pounds.

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