An effort to recall Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson will be dropped, according to Allie Miller, the coordinator of the Recall Sharon Bronson Political Committee.

Miller said she and other committee members have had difficulty collecting the required number of signatures from county voters that would trigger a recall election.

"We have to get 16,000 signatures and only have about a thousand or two," Miller said. "Without any support, we can't go forward."

The recall committee has solicited signatures at various venues in the Northwest, including the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr., Library in Marana.

Recently, University of Arizona College Republicans walked parts of Pima County District 3, Bronson's district, soliciting signatures on a Bronson recall petition. Ryan Caracciolo, director of communication for the Arizona Federation of College Republicans, did not return calls seeking to determine how many signatures were collected.

Miller noted the efforts of the students yielded 15 signatures.

"We've asked people to write letters about the issue of tax increases, but I don't think anyone has written," Miller said. She noted that one of the chief reasons for the recall was Bronson's support of tax increases.

"I believe that in her 13 years in office she's only ever voted 'no' once on a tax increase," Miller said.

Getting volunteer help with the recall effort was difficult, Miller continued.

"When I started this effort I had 100 people sign up by e-mail to help," she said. "When it came time to help, that number came down to six people. And the money that was supposed to come in, didn't."

Miller said she would turn in the necessary materials to the county treasurer and resign her position.

"No one is interested in taking this over, so it's a dead deal," she said.

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