Marana arrest two for threats against school
Otis Bartley, left, and Jake Brown, both 18, were arrested Monday for making threats to Marana High School via Facebook.

Marana police arrested two men on suspicion of making threats against Marana High School.

Jake Brown and Otis Bartley, both 18, were arrested Monday on charges of threats and intimidation and interfering with an educational facility. Both charges are misdemeanors.

On Monday, Jan. 24, officers spoke with a resident who said her son saw some posts the suspects made on a Facebook page that police said appeared to be threats.

Some of the postings read: “Marana wont know what hit em tomorrow,” “Mhs is in for a surprise,” and “Marana high school.r.i.p.”

Police located and interviewed Brown and Bartley who said they didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

“They were interviewed and said it was just a joke,” said Tim Brunenkant, spokesman for the Marana Police Department.

The suspects’ homes were searched and no weapons or evidence were found that would have shown they intended to follow through on their threats.

Brunenkant said the incident did not cause any disruption or cancellation of classes at Marana High School.

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Hope these two boys learned something about journalism....
Jeez guys, how could you have been so dumb after what's just happened? Look at the likes of what we have on the "news" these days, and how they're being linked to above, regardless of the undisputable fact that they had nada to do with it. People are scared witless, as they should be. It's a crazy world we live in, don't add to it.

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