The Town of Marana has won two more Common Ground Awards from the Metropolitan Pima Alliance.

At an Oct. 15 event, Marana earned the Common Ground public works award for its Twin Peaks Interchange / Camino de Mañana road improvement projects.

Marana was also recognized for its economic development roadmap. It shared the Common Ground economic development award with the Solar Zone at the University of Arizona's Tech Park.

"We're really, really pleased," Mayor Ed Honea said at the Oct. 19 town council meeting.

The combined Twin Peaks / Camino de Mañana road improvement, slated for completion in November, represents the largest project undertaken by a community in conjunction with Pima County's Regional Transportation Authority, Honea said.

"It took 12 years from the time we really started pushing to get it done," the mayor said. "This is a major feat. Stop and think. A town of our size with two projects of more than $110 million," completed in conjunction with nine different entities. "I say kudos to the town. This is the biggest project done in Pima County in 20 years."

Honea credited Josh Wright of the town manager's office for the economic roadmap work. Honea has been to the UofA tech park, located on Tucson's East side. "That is a phenomenal place," he said.

The Metropolitan Pima Alliance's Common Ground Awards recognize community leaders, projects and events with "successful collaboration for the overall benefit of the community," a release said. Its awards ceremony was held Oct. 15 at the Reid Park Zoo.

"It was a great Marana night," Town Manager Gilbert Davidson said. "It was very special to be there."

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