Twenty Town of Oro Valley employees who have $858,323 in annual salary expenses have taken a voluntary severance package from the town.

In June, the town council offered the severance plan. Employees with five years and more with the town are receiving 90 days pay, while those with fewer years get 60 days pay.

Councilman K.C. Carter said the town should use the opportunity to restructure some departments, and closely monitor others.

"Now we'll have to do a better job of analyzing the performance of departments," Carter said.

The council had earlier postponed a recommendation to lay off as many as 31 employees, a move that would have saved more than $2 million in salaries and benefits. A scaled-back proposal also was defeated.

In May, the council decided to spend $584,000 in reserves to spare more than 16 jobs at town hall. Then, in June, it passed the voluntary severance proposal.

Oro Valley's planning and zoning department had been targeted for a substantial downsizing earlier in the budget process because construction activities have declined.

A related proposal would have combined the department with building safety and development review to minimize personnel costs. The council did not act on that suggestion.

Town Manager David Andrews said restructuring might be considered again at a budget review session planned for later this year.

"I'll be evaluating the town's personnel resources on a department-by-department basis," Andrews said.

He said he would determine if any of the positions lost would need to be refilled, and later present the council with a proposal.

"Affordability will be a major consideration," Andrews said.

After the 20 optional buyouts, there are 340 town workers remaining on the payroll.

These Town of Oro Valley employees accepted the recently offered severance package. Names, titles and annual compensation are listed below.

Janette Bourgeois     part-time library assistant     $8,932

Dave Boyd    heavy equipment mechanic     $53,530

Diane Chapman     senior office specialist     $44,791

Wendy Gilden     budget analyst     $65,409

Marsha Hanna     construction clerk     $37,326

Linda Hersha     senior office assistant     $37,370

Richard Jimenez     parks maintenance crew leader     $44,404

Stan Lavelle    construction manager     $68,041

Linda Lundquist     part-time records specialist     $24,071

Carolyn Lytle     office specialist     $40,619

Debbie Moran     development coordinator     $42,113

Sarah More     planning and zoning director     $107,301

John Nelson     part-time library technical assistant     $7,073

Ron Parrish     police officer     $45,851

Lynn Sawyer     part-time library technical assistant     $$8,985

Elizabeth Selby     lead dispatcher     $44,944

Christy Severn-Martinez     zoning inspection tech     $36,837

Alice Taylor     senior office specialist     $41,000

Carol Willett     human resources analyst     $62,949

Phil Wright     fleet maintenance technician     $36,777

        Total $858,323

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