Resident reiterates request to slow landfill process
Don Boorse/Special to The Explorer, "No Marana Dump" was the theme of a parade entry by opponents of a landfill proposed west of the current town limits.

A resident of Silverbell West addressed the Marana Town Council last week, asking it to slow consideration of annexation and zoning changes that could allow a commercial landfill to be built west of the current town limits.

"We ask that you reconsider this," Steve Storzer told the governing board. "Annexation of the vice mayor's property seems to be on a fast track. We do not think it has to be done that fast. We believe more study is necessary for alternate sites."

Storzer is a resident of Silverbell West, the rural housing development closest to the landfill proposed on ground now owned by Vice Mayor Herb Kai. A water well serving Storzer's home is 2,000 feet from the landfill site. "If there is ever a leak, our children and grandchildren will have to figure out how to fix the problems we've caused."

Storzer pointed out that, while Silverbell West residents are outside the town limits, "we … pay taxes and support the Marana School District. Our children attend Marana schools. We can influence votes.

"We want to support you," Storzer said. "We want you to make the right decision, and support us."


Annexation Hearing April 6

The next consideration of a proposal to develop a commercial landfill on property now west of Marana comes before the town council Tuesday, April 6, when a public hearing on annexation is scheduled.

That hearing would involve annexation "for the entire property, not just the piece of property the landfill is proposed on," according to Lisa Shafer, assistant planning director for the town. The parcel north of Avra Valley Road and west of Silverbell Road is 590 acres in total; a landfill is proposed for 430 acres within it.

Comments are gathered April 6, but no council action is anticipated, she continued.

"It's up to the property owners at that point in time as to when the ordinance comes back to council," Shafer said. Up to a year is allowed for property owners to secure signed petitions and required waivers. "Once the town has received the signed petitions, plus waivers, then we can record it, and take the item back to council," Shafer said.

A parallel process, consideration of the Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan that would rezone the property, is not yet scheduled for the town council, according to Brian Varney of the planning department. "We're not sure at this point when that will be proceeding," he said Tuesday morning.

On Feb. 24, the Marana Planning Commission voted 3-2 to recommend adoption of the rezoning request.

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