Flag to fly outside new library
Don Boorse/Special to The Explorer, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, right, presented a U.S. flag to veteran Dick Jarenski, who in turn is donating it to the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr., Library in Marana for display outside the new county library. Jarenski campaigned for flag display after he noticed an absence of flags during October. This particular flag flew over the U.S. Capitol.

A U.S. flag is going to fly outside the new Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr., Library in Marana, thanks to the determined efforts of a Vietnam War veteran.

Dick Jarenski, who flies the U.S. Flag and a Prisoner of War remembrance flag outside his Marana home, wants to see the U.S. flag fly in public places such as the county-operated library off Silverbell in Marana.

In October, during a presentation at the library, Jarenski was puzzled why the library had no flags. He learned there wasn't money in the county library budget for flags.

Jarenski wrote many letters, contacted the offices of elected and appointed officials, and notified the media.

Then, at an event Nov. 24, Jarenski accepted a flag from U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. In turn, Jarenski has given the flag to the county library. Marana Mayor Ed Honea said a flag pole would be installed outside the new library.

Giffords thanked Jarenski for his service, "and for your commitment to the flag and all that it represents.

"When I have visited our Armed Forces here and overseas, our flag is proudly flown over bases and outposts wherever our troops are stationed," Giffords said. "It represents to all of us and to people around the world the liberties and freedoms that make our country so great."

The flag Giffords presented has flown over the U.S. Capitol. She added to the library's collection with a presentation of the weighty volume "Women in Congress, 1917-2006," to Sharla Darby, library manager.

Jarenski learned Giffords rides a Harley-Davidson, and he gave Giffords an associate membership in the Submarine Veterans Motorycycle Club.

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