Jessica Hynd, Oro Valley

Residents of Oro Valley: Did you know there is a full-time staff member whose primary job it is to answer your questions and make sure your feedback is provided to Council? Whether it’s a concern about an overgrown right-of-way or a question about road construction, Constituent Services Coordinator Jessica Hynd is your personal liaison to the Town of Oro Valley. 

Jessica’s goal is to make sure our residents never get the run-around or have to chase down information. Each time you contact Constituent Services with a question, she will research the matter with appropriate department heads and then provide you with the information you need. When you contact us with feedback, she’ll provide your comments directly to Council and executive staff, so that your voice is heard.

Some of you have spoken with Jessica before and are already familiar with our Constituent Services Portal, but we have exciting news. This week, the Town has launched a new and improved portal, so it’s even easier to send us your feedback or ask a question.

Unlike the old portal, this new tool offers our residents a more streamlined experience. You’ll be able to create an account so you can review your inquiry history and responses from the Town. Most importantly, the new portal has a simplified user interface, which means it’s easier to use. It’s also a more efficient tool for staff, which means faster turnaround for your inquiries.

Why the change? The Town of Oro Valley currently uses Munis Software for several functions, including payroll, time cards and permitting. Munis also offers a constituent services portal that is more user-friendly than our current portal, and will save us money every year in licensing fees, since we’re already a customer. The Town is constantly evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs, so when the old portal’s licensing came up for renewal, we took a look at all our options and decided to make the switch. With cost savings and improved service for residents, it was an easy decision.

So here’s how you connect with the new portal. If you’re reading a printed copy of this article, grab a pen and write this website down. If you’re reading online, then go ahead and set a bookmark for: (Please note you do not use www before the address.) This is your key to the new Constituent Services Portal. Additionally, any button on the Town’s website that says “QUESTIONS/COMMENTS” will link you directly to the portal.

Of course, residents will always have the option to call or email Constituent Services rather than use the portal; however, we highly recommend utilizing the portal, as it is a more efficient way (for us and for you!) to track comments and responses, ensuring that everything is archived and provided to Council.

If you choose to skip the portal and just send an email, we have a new email address for you: Any message sent to this address will be routed directly to Jessica in Constituent Services. You can also call her at 229-4711. 

If you’re one of those thoughtful people who doesn’t want to be a bother by asking questions or sending in feedback, don’t be shy! Jessica loves talking to our residents, and she would be happy to help you. In fact, when I was interviewing her for this article, I asked what she liked most about her job. Her exact words were: “I love people. I love talking to people. I genuinely enjoy hearing peoples’ stories and helping them get the information they need.” She went on to describe how satisfying it is to serve the community in that capacity. 

Constituent Services is a big part of building relationships with our residents, and it’s the fastest way to get your questions answered. We are here for you.

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