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In a 6-1 vote, the Marana Town Council chose council member Jon Post to continue as vice mayor for a second two-year term during the council’s study session on Tuesday, Nov. 10. 

Council Member Roxane Ziegler cast the nay vote. 

This will be Post’s fourth term in the position. He was originally elected vice mayor of Marana in 2013 and has occupied the role since. The town council chooses a new vice mayor every two years, corresponding with election day. 

Before Mayor Ed Honea made a motion to retain Post as vice mayor, he noted the decision has led to disagreements between council members in the past. His assumption would prove true later during Tuesday’s meeting. 

“We often have controversy on who is going to be vice mayor and who is not. This is probably not going to be any different than before,” Honea said. “A couple people have mentioned Council Member [Herb] Kai’s name. A couple people have mentioned Vice Mayor Post’s name and both of these are fine gentlemen that would do a great job for our community.”

Ziegler said she hoped to nominate Kai after speaking with him about accepting the position before the meeting. However, Ziegler was unable to make a motion to nominate Kai before Honea nominated Post. She believes the decision to keep Post at the position was decided before the meeting took place. 

“Mayor, I asked to make a motion earlier. Now I wished I hadn’t mentioned this at all tonight because you’ve taken this and made it into your own thing,” Ziegler said. “Before this meeting even started, you already sided with some other people.”

Mayor Honea stated he did not speak to any other council members about who should fill the position except Post and later called for the vote to take place. 

Ziegler—the last council member to vote at Tuesday’s meeting—acknowledged Post has “done a wonderful job” as vice mayor, but would like another council member to give it a shot. After voting, she expressed her concern over the vice mayor staying on until the next election cycle in 2022 and what she sees as Honea stacking the council with sycophants. 

“Nay, and again, I want to say this was just to change things up. Herb has done a great job in the past but it sounds to me like this was something others had decided,” Ziegler said. “(Honea) and Jon have controlled enough out here for the last four years. I think it’s time for a change, but as I can see, it is not.”

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