The parking lot of Arizona Pavilions near where the shooting occurred. 

The Pima County Attorney’s Office said an April shooting in the Arizona Pavilions shopping center parking lot was justified because the victim was threatening the shooter with a gun.

“The shooting of Mr. Smith was justified under the law,” wrote Pima County Attorney’s Office Chief Criminal Deputy Dan South, who reviewed the case file. 

South said the office’s Supervisor of Community Protection, Mark Hotchkiss, independently reviewed the file and came to the same conclusion.

Multiple witnesses and video surveillance revealed that Jarron Smith, 30, and Ali Almazouie, 27, got into an argument after their cars nearly collided around 12:30 p.m. on April 10 in the parking lot in front of the Ross Dress for Less store at 8040 N. Cortaro Road, according to South’s memo explaining why charges would not be filed.

Both men exited their vehicles and Smith punched Almazouie before telling him: “I’ll put you to sleep” and “I’ve got something for you,” according to the memo.

Smith then grabbed a gun from his car and chambered a round before Almazouie drew his own gun and fired one shot at Smith, hitting him in the abdomen.

Almazouie then joined other bystanders to give Smith first aid and when one witness tried to separate the two of them, Smith told them: “He’s helping me, helping me,” according to South. 

In interviews with Marana police officers, Smith confirmed “most of the accounts of multiple witnesses, including that he fought with Mr. Almazouie and that Mr. Smith had his own gun in his hand when he was shot,” South said.

Smith was transported to UMC Banner Hospital after officers provided first aid on the scene.

Smith’s family members had launched a GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills and disputed the details released by police and prosecutors but the fundraising effort was not visible on the website as of Sunday, May 2.


Austin Counts contributed to this report.

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