The Gladden Farms area will be getting two new soccer fields and other park amenities after the Town of Marana and land developer amended their development agreement last month.

According to the amended agreement, developer Crown West Realty LLC must add two lighted, full-sized soccer fields and a dog park to the Gladden Farms Community Park along the river walk of the Santa Cruz River. 

“The Gladden Farms Community Park continues to grow and add more features as the community continues to grow at a nice pace,” said Dean Wingert, vice president of Crown West Realty. “It will be another great recreational opportunity for the area.”  

The agreement states construction for the new park amenities must be underway by December of this year or before the issuance of the 400th building permit in the Gladden Farms II development. The new park amenities are expected to cost Crown West Realty $2.4 million, according to Wingert.

“The soccer field improvements will probably take about a year to complete,” said Wingert.  “It’s a part of the long process of developing the community’s entire masterplan.”

The council also accepted a performance bond from Crown West Realty as collateral for completing park upgrades in the allotted time-frame in exchange for the right to sell an additional 320 lots to housing developers in the Gladden Farms II area. 

The updated agreement also allows Marana Parks and Recreation to credit development impact fees to the developer, currently at $2,461 per home built, while amenities are being built, instead of upon completion. Crown West can continue to sell and develop lots in Gladden Farms II, which will increase Marana’s construction sales tax revenue. 

“We’re real excited about getting this done and having those parks along the river walk,” Mayor Ed Honea said. “With the soccer fields, splash pad, baseball fields, Honea Heights Park and everything else, folks that live in Gladden (Farms) are going to have access to a lot of amenities.”

Crown West is also expected to build a six-acre park in the Gladden Farms II neighborhood once more lots are sold in the upcoming years, according to Mayor Honea. 

“Basically, you could come out of the west end of Gladden Farms and walk 200 yards and hit the other parks at Honea Heights, which is going to have swings, basketball courts,” Honea said. “We’re going to have lots of amenities all along there.” 

Construction on the Gladden Farms Community Park originally started in 2007. 

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