Breakers Water Park

It looks like this summer might be a little hotter than anticipated. Breakers Water Park will not be opening after its winter closure. The only water park in the Tucson area, just off I-10/Tangerine Road in Marana, generally opens in late May, however all signs lead to the park being remaining closed indefinitely.

Although in recent years the park expanded with a new ExplorAquarium interactive sea exhibit and hosted multiple themed charity events, Breakers Water Park cited a lack in sales and increases in minimum wage on the closure. Already, the water park’s phone number is disconnected. In addition, it appears the park’s website “” is no longer in service and the URL is available for purchase.

Despite many nostalgic memories, many reviews online cite declining quality and negligence in recent years. While some Tucsonans complained about multiple rides in the park being out of order, health hazards and other maintenance problems, others were simply put off by the price of entry itself.

Breakers joins the ranks of Justin’s Waterworld, another favorite former Tucson water park, which closed in 2007. Another loss from the closure of Breakers goes to the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, which annually hosts a meeting at the water park for the end of cookie-selling season.

However, there are still many places to cool off in the Northern Tucson area. A “splash pad” at Marana Heritage River park is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., located at 12375 North Heritage Park Drive. The farm-themed splash pad is over 5,000 square feet and has the capacity for about 180 attendants.

In addition, Ora Mae Harn District Park, at 13250 North Lon Adams Road, has an outdoor swimming pool. Also, Marana Parks and Recreation is in the works to open another splash pad at Crossroads at Silverbell District Park this summer. More information can be found at

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