Legislative District 11 Clean Elections Debate

Democratic candidate David Joseph speaks Monday night at Pima Community College Northwest Campus for a debate put on by the Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission.

J.D. Fitzgerald/The Explorer

David Joseph, a 22-year Tucsonan, is bringing his experience in business to the political realm as the sole Democratic candidate for Legislative District 11 House of Representatives.

Joseph has spent much of his career as a media entrepreneur, purchasing major television stations that were failing and putting them on the path to success while also creating additional jobs, experience Joseph said will be an asset if elected, given the failing economy.

The economy, however, is just one of Joseph’s focuses, and just one of the reasons he hopes to make his presence felt as State Representative.

“It’s a combination of the frustrations of seeing how the legislature has divorced itself from reality, from real problems,” said Joseph. 

Joseph said if elected, he would take on a number of those problems, to include job creation, immigration, education and health care.

Despite calls from Republican opponents Steve Smith and Adam Kwasman that Arizona’s education system is on the rise, Joseph disagrees.

“We’re number one in the country in cuts to education,” he said. “When I would buy broken stations, I wouldn’t cut them to the bone. You can’t cut your way to success.”

Joseph also pointed out that while his daughter was college, some students were sitting on the classroom floor.

“No matter what they (Republicans) say about education, you can’t get a good education sitting on the floor of a classroom,” said Joseph. “It’s no way to learn. We should be looking at innovative ways to solve these problems. My opponents say they’re pro education, but they’re pro charter school and pro religious schools.”

On the issue of health care, Joseph said he would also like to see cuts limited, as it only drives people to facilities that are increasingly expensive. 

Joseph said in regards to his own family, it is not fair for Republicans to make cuts that could affect his loved ones.

“These guys cry about how big the government is, yet they feel they can put things between people, including my family, that get between the patients and doctors,” he said. “I think any intrusion between caregivers and patients is wrong. I’ve spoken with Dr. Richard Carmona, and he says the health care system is broken. Why can’t Arizona be more innovative in finding ways to save money?”

Regarding illegal immigration, Joseph said he believes the United States should work more closely with the Mexican government to create economic opportunities on each side of the border that will benefit both countries financially. 

“It’s a problem of integration,” said Joseph. “It’s clear from the constitution that we should be doing everything we can to get the federal government to take care of the immigration program. We need  to figure out a way to work with Mexico to make Southern Arizona a big port of entry to build both economies. And frankly, since the recession, and especially in the last year or so, have there been problems with criminal activity from the border? Yes. Is the issue something that should be driven by fear and craziness? No.”

For more information on David Joseph and his platform, visit www.daveforld11.com

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Dave for LD 11

Thanks for the profile. I wanted to clarify that my daughter, who is now in college, had 35 - 40 students in certain classes her senior year at Ironwood Ridge 2 years ago, and the legislative has cut education even more since then. In fact the only place we are number one in education is in cuts. Please vote for me so I can help restore our public education system!

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