Pima County - District 1 candidate

Mike Hellon

Senator Jon Kyl, the Assistant Minority Leader in the United States Senate, has endorsed Mike Hellon for Supervisor in Pima County District 1.

In releasing his endorsement, Kyl said, "For over 30 years I have known Mike Hellon as a common sense businessman. A highly decorated Air Force veteran, Mike has served his community as he served his country, with involvement in organizations ranging from youth soccer to diabetes support. He has been integral in efforts to improve Arizona's judiciary and is now Chairman of the Commission on Judicial Performance Review. A loyal Republican for many years, Mike has been a precinct committeeman, Chairman of the Arizona State Republican Party, and a National Committeeman for Arizona.

"As County Supervisor, Mike will work for economic expansion and job creation by making Pima County more business-friendly, ensuring that taxes are kept low and equitable, and controlling debt while making County government more efficient and accountable."

In response to Kyl's endorsement, Hellon said, "For many years, Jon Kyl has been one of our premier political leaders, not just in Arizona, but in the entire country, indeed, in the world. I am honored to have the endorsement of such an outstanding public servant."

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