Congressional District 1 candidate

Patrick Gatti

Name: Patrick Gatti

Age: 69

Occupation: Self-employed

Where do you live? Show Low, AZ

How long have you lived in the area? 3 years

Short description about yourself Can

I had a business of my own which I started in 1977 and after 27 years I sold it in 2004. While running the business I was President of the following organizations, Lions, Parks and Human Services, Chamber of Commerce and The Order of Merit (Scholarship fund ).

Why are you running in Congressional District 1?

I have always been a constitutional conservative and the activities that have developed in Washington D.C. have been without a doubt leading us towards a Socialist State. Moving away from our Constitution as our founders laid out for our country. It is time ( I hope we are not too late ) that we begin bringing us back to the Constitution.

Have you held any other office?

I served for 21 years on our City Council and 2 of those years as Mayor Pro Tem.

Given the size of CD1, are you confident you can meet the needs of constituents in Southern Arizona while still serving the district as a whole?

Without a doubt it can be addressed with 2 to 3 counties a week.

What are your three top priorities? If elected, how will you address those priorities?

The economy is the number one priority, because once we lift the restrictions that exist today on individuals wishing to open a business or for those that wish to expand then we get back to more people working, paying taxes, and construction.

This will also lead to those people to buying homes which will bring down the inventory of homes in foreclosure and short sales. Once those homes have been depleted contractors will start looking for land to build more homes. Turning around the housing market. With this individuals will start again to make money there by investing in the stock market.

If you are running in the Primary Election, what makes you the best candidate to move on to win the General Election?

I have more legislative experience and I know what people want and why they have gotten so disappointed in our federal government.

How do you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the Affordable Healthcare Act?

Would you vote to repeal the legislation? I have spoken to a wide range of Doctors and the prospect for the majority of them are projecting a very different picture than the Obama administration has been trying to paint for us.

Most of them feel that in order to continue in the medical field, they would have to close up their offices and go to work for a hospital.

It would be my pleasure to vote to repeal The Affordable Healthcare Act.

Did you agree with the Supreme Court for upholding a key portion of SB1070, but rejecting the rest? Do you agree that SB 1070 is a step in the right direction to handle illegal immigration as Gov. Brewer has stated?

Yes and Yes, although no one has as yet mounted a strong answer to defending our boarder, which would a better beginning to again having people of all nationalities from entering our country.

How do you feel about President Barack Obama’s announcement that this administration will not deport young people?

Individuals brought into this country by their parents are of course, not at fault, but as we seem to have forgotten it is their parents’ fault for not going through the legalization process however hard it might have been. Those same young individuals are being touted as having accomplished acquiring a high school degree or college degree. Without realizing that they too are Illegal.

What are some specific changes needed in Washington?

Obama said that his administration was going to be the most transparent in modern times. That is still true today. Even though he has failed miserably.

What are your thoughts on the Fast and Furious controversy? Do you agree with the House of Representatives voting to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt? How do you feel about President Obama claiming executive privilege in the matter?

As with all things Washington, if they would have been honest and answered the questions as presented and turned over the documents requested none of this would have gone this far. Holder needs to be prosecuted and Obama should either withdraw or redefine the reason for executing the executive privilege.

Contraception has been a big issue in Arizona, and a source of debate at the national level. Should employers be able to deny healthcare coverage for contraception based on religious beliefs?


The disapproval rating in Congress has been low over the last few years. Will you be able to reach across party lines to do what’s best for the country? Do you have any proof that you have this ability based on past service?

From my first term on the City Council I began working towards the completion of a17 mile section of freeway through 7 cities working with two counties and state and federal agencies. It took my full 21 years to accomplish this. I believe that you have to be in continuous communication with the folks you are serving so that can be aware of what work is being done and what is left to do.

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